Ad-Free ABC? (Australian Broadcasting Commission)

By Viv Forbes

In recent decades “our” ABC has become a pampered left-wing mega-phone.

And it is NOT ad-free. It runs continual free-to-air ads for itself and all its leftie, one-world, anti-industry, first-nation causes.

Ratings show that taxpayers don’t want to support it.

It is a billion-dollar business living on welfare. It should be shut it down, sold or donated to those who love it.

Most Australians believe that ABC television is not worth paying a single cent for: [$]

Time to sell the ABC:

2 thoughts on “Ad-Free ABC? (Australian Broadcasting Commission)”

  1. A possible solution against the ABC’s leftist bias is to allow every political party to have its own program. Each party should then be able to present its own views, questions and answers to its own audience rather than have the leftists manage and censor the content for them by outnumbering their opponents interviewees, rigging the questions, stacking television live-audiences etc. Each party should be able to have several of their own people discussing an issue with each other. When have we seen non-leftists with that opportunity? Political parties should be biased. The media should be impartial and honest but most people are able to recognise the ABC’s perspectives on any issue. Every one of its presenters presents only the same predictable point of view.

  2. Regarding advertising on “their ABC”, did any leftists need to pay the ABC and the Australian taxpayer for having their “Change….change……change” political slogan repeated ad nauseum whenever they promoted their agendas? About 25 years ago I heard someone use the ‘change’ word fourteen times in one and a half minutes.

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