Reality Check on Climate Change, Global Warming, Renewable Fuels, Green New Deal

By Glen Brown


Hydrocarbons are environmentally safe and can carry the energy load in the world, now and for centuries to come. The Green New Deal and Biden’s Energy 2020 Plan ignore the past failures in green energy and want to double down on those failures. These plans, if implemented, would take away our prosperity as a nation and raise family energy costs to unaffordable levels.

Earth day was first held in 1970, and their sensationalistic predictions of the planet’s demise did not happen. False predictions followed that were tied to fundraising efforts of multimillion-dollar environmental firms. Current environmental claims that the world will end in 12 to 30 years if temperatures are not limited to a 1-1/2 degree increase. Since the track record for the environmental movement has not been good should they be believed today? In the evolution of humans, the warmer periods have been prosperous and colder periods harsh and full of disease. The effects of CO2 on climate change is grossly overstated by models because CO2 is one of the weakest greenhouse gasses. The earth is 40 percent greener today thanks to increasing CO2 which is plant food.

Renewables are not renewable, and they are not environmentally friendly. Wind and solar only contribute 3.6% of total fuel in the United States and less than 2% in the rest of the world. This small amount of contribution is after decades of massive monetary effort to make wind and solar a significant part of the energy budget.

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