Away back in the good old days
when men could find a job;
When money was as good as gold
and tax was just two bob;
When men would work and say with pride
that they weren’t on the dole;
T’was then that politicians came
to play an active role.

“We must unite,” the statesmen said
“in case we have to fight;
We need a central government
to maximise our might.
We’re all Australians too, you see,
not rough colonial folk;
We need a sign to show the world
this nation is no joke.”

“We’ll plan a grand new Commonwealth
of which we can be proud;
We’ll build a national capital
with lakes and parks endowed;
For no expense can be too much
with national pride at stake;
Our children will recall with thanks,
we did it for their sake.”

They confiscated men and tools
to build themselves a home;
It started with a gabbing place
where useful flocks once roamed.
They capped the hills with monuments
and manicured the grounds
And the quarters of their servants
spoilt the land for miles around.

Then their horde of tax collectors
spread like locusts through the land,
And their rules and regulations
drained the cash to lawyers’ hands.
The courts became political
(mere creatures of the State)
The rule of law and common sense
became quite out-of-date.

The people then grew restless
at this cross they had to bear;
“It’s time for us to question
if this road leads anywhere.
What should have been our watch dog
sitting quietly by the gate
Is in the house and now he snarls
if we don’t fill his plate.

“We must dismiss the traitors
who have got us in this mess;
The federation must return
to things it can do best.
Defence is what we hired them for
not meddling in our lives;
If they protect, while we produce
a new dawn will arrive.”

Words by Viv Forbes, 1990.
Image Credit: Pixabay

4 thoughts on “THE FEDERATION CROSS”

  1. Great work Viv.

    I hope the PM reads it.
    Pollies should answer the question:
    Where is the proof that humans cause climate change?

  2. Excellent narrative.I totally agree with everything as I’m 73 years young and have seen the changes over the years and don’t like what’s happening.

  3. Great read and absolute truth in your email today, Federation Failures. Thank you for saying it, a lot of us are thinking it but not as capable as you to put it in writing.

  4. Actually far from a bloated bureaucracy government functions have been stripped of personnel and all activity that can be outsourced to private businesses. I thought Vitoria was the master at this (largely under Kennett) but it seems it is universal. Even our so called elected parliaments are I now believe registered corporations so instead of government ministers and officials we have corporate functionaries titled as ministers and departmental managers etc.
    While we bemoan much of the foreign influence we must never ignore the control of first the British and later the Americans who effetively run Australia now. Thats why we go to wars we have no place in, and piss off China when told to.

    The Constitution was not ideal, but it established a dependent state under British rule though not the King/Queen as many think but as a Crown Colony of the City of London Corporation , as is the USA, Canada, etc., and even the UK itself. Our ADF is locked solidly into the US military and not independent.
    Time to kick the foreigners out and get ourselves together as an independent thinking and acting nation prepared to look after ourselves as best we can. Scary for many but do-able or we remain slaves to corruption and our own weaknesses.

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