Unobtainium: What’s Wrong with Wind and Solar?

“Have you ever heard of unobtainium? It’s the magic energy mineral found on the planet Pandora in the movie Avatar. It’s a fantasy in a science fiction script. But environmentalists think they have found it here on earth in the form of wind and solar power.”


2 thoughts on “Unobtainium: What’s Wrong with Wind and Solar?”

  1. What baffles me is: how has it come about that every man and his dog (few of whom are climate scientists) bang on and on about how climate change is going to destroy the Earth and it is all caused by CO2 generated by man?
    All this in spite of the fact that:
    CO2 is beneficial to life on Earth,
    And, levels of CO2 in the atmosphere of the Earth have been fluctuating for millennia – long before man started adding microscopic amounts from coal-fired power stations.

    (These power stations, by the way, have been the mainstay of the improvement in living standards in many countries in the world over the last 200 years.)

    Yes, we must stop polluting the planet. Yes, we must reduce and reuse waste.
    But for goodness sake, let us not destroy the scientific and technological advances achieved over the last 200 years by giving in to this current craze, the “Climate Change God”.

  2. Anyone with some engineering/physics or other background, who looks at the vague published means of achieving “zero carbon” by some year in the future, sees that relying on renewable solar and wind would be impossible, without most of the present base load still being used. For Australia, fossil fuels, as no nuclear.

    To achieve any change in the present policy trends, it is necessary to get, I am afraid to say, world-wide acknowledgement that ‘carbon’ emissions, i.e. CO2, are not harmful, provide us with food from plants, animals and sea food, do not pollute the planet, that temperature rises are not unprecedented, that computer-generated projections are so exaggerated they should be ignored.

    Some major ‘campaign’ should be launched, highlighting the empirical evidence. If one clicks on the ‘CSIRO’ link at the right of this page, one sees the story of how Senator Malcolm Roberts, after several face-to-face meetings with CSIRO climate experts, failed to present any evidence of harm from CO2, relied on un-validated, erroneous models, etc, with it all saying that CSIRO’s advice government was erroneous and misleading, and repeated in the latest report. Thus the whole CO2 emissions reduction aims and schemes should be abandoned together with the UN Paris Accord – and the IPCC.

    Yet no one has taken these findings any further! There is much more evidence counter to the establishment consensus, especially in the books “Climate Change – the Facts 2020” and earlier editions. Writing to MPs or others who could take up the challenge is just ignored.

    Putting together the realistic figures for the “Unobtainium” with erroneous and misleading “action for climate change” and to save the world trillions of wasted dollars, pounds, euros, or other currency, should be worth trying by sceptics of the Saltbush club and other like-minded people.

    Should I be optimistic that this could be achieved, or pessimistic that no one is game enough to take it on?

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