Will Germany Become a Third World Country?

By Anonymous German Author – D
December 17, 2020

At the moment I’m quite sure that Germany will end as a third world country. The closing of coal-fired power stations and nuclear power plants is a done deal by end of 2022 (for nuclear power) and 2030 (for coal power).

To compensate for the tremendous loss of energy, many wind turbines and solar power plants are planned and realized near the North Sea coast. Politicians of the Green Party are howling that these plans are too late for the Earth to survive.

But the power from wind and sun in Germany is only 10% for solar and 25% for wind. The rest of the power will be bought from coal and nuclear power plants abroad (Romania, Poland, France, Belgium…).

Germany will be the first country with pure and clean energy…and many people are proud of this.

Yesterday, an electric car was driving in front of me with a sticker “Say NO to nuclear power.” Sometimes I really do not know in which direction I should shake my head!

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One thought on “Will Germany Become a Third World Country?”

  1. Third World? Probably not. Germany, in the east, already has experience of the future. It, just as South Australia (SA) has, so Germany will become second world—again. And, as in SA, the playbook of Valentyn Beria will rule. Liberty will disappear and, increasingly, people with it.

    SA has wrecked its education system (all three levels, primary, secondary and tertiary), lost or destroyed its manufacturing capability, blown up the power station, increasingly restricted the access to water that agriculture and horticulture require, and now is returning to the practice of child sacrifice. The outlook, as it was in East Germany not so very long ago, is hopeless, utterly hopeless.

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