A Geologist’s Explanation of Why Nuclear Power Advocates Should not use the “CO2 is a Pollutant” Argument

By Gregory Wrightstone

As a member of the CO2 Coalition and incoming Exec Director, I reject blanket subsidies for nuclear generation using false climate change and CO2-driven warming as the pretext for artificially propping up one energy form over another.

The modest warming of the last 100 or so years combined with increasing CO2 is leading to an Earth and humanity that are thriving and prospering. It is just is. By nearly every metric. And we should all be thankful of that today.

If you want to advance nuclear energy, please don’t use the same climate misinformation of the supposed dangers of increasing CO2 that are used to advance the renewable energy scam.

Read the full article: https://saltbushclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/nuclear-power.pdf [PDF, 1 MB]

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