The Coming Carbon Lockdown

By Viv Forbes

The Covid Lockdown is a practice run for the big one – the Carbon Lockdown.

If climate alarmists win the elections, our freedoms and prosperity will evaporate like CO2 from a warm beer. The fact that their green energy program is madness will be irrelevant to the new WCO (World Carbon Organisation).

To meet UN Paris targets there will be no more petrol cars, diesel trucks, reliable electricity, beef burgers or Christmas ham, but bio-fuelled battleships, hydrogen-fuelled planes and sail-powered bulk carriers will be decreed (except in the BRICS world). Diesel submarines will be scrapped and NATO will mandate battery-powered battle tanks. Pit ponies will return to the mines, and farmers will plough with Clydesdales.

Soon they will design a mask that absorbs CO2 from your breath. Mega-cities will be “unsustainable”. You will be confined to your local commune and shop in pedal-powered trikes with battery-assist. You must eat local food and use electric power only when they switch it on for your district (but never on still, frosty mornings).

Our obedience to the Covid Lockdown has given them confidence to enforce their Carbon Lockdown. They will track us with microchips and control our travel, food, water and electricity usage via 6G.

We are entering the GREEN ZONE.

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7 thoughts on “The Coming Carbon Lockdown”

  1. The introduction by the corrupt United Nations of the IPCC environmental plan was the beginning. The Chinese virus was a god send to the World Economic Forum and the rest of the globalist elites that are part of the One World Government planned to eliminate free markets, capitalism, property ownership and individual freedoms. This new socialist wave will make everyone equally poor and under the control of mini Marxism by any other name. The people of the world must fight this terrible phenomena tooth and nail.

  2. Perfectly correct Viv, but it is only achieved if “good men say nothing”. Sadly, our nation is more gullible than most. So easily led by the 24/7 media to tell us how to live and what of life is the truth. I have been writing to The Oz and The Age about this global CO2 warming scam, mostly unpublished, for fifteen years. Writing to the politicians is even worse, auto response and silence. I have been ostracised by my own extended family for telling the truth. Thank you for your hard work. I am afraid we have to hit a low low in this country before anybody notices we are bankrupt.

  3. And they will mandate Green Steel: hydrogen reduction of iron ore into pig-iron instead of Carbon reduction:
    To do this you would need massive solar arrays to produce enough green electricity to electrolyse water into Hydrogen and Oxygen, and you would render existing blast furnaces obsolete all over the world, requiring the entire steel-making industry to re-tool for hydrogen reduction at massive expense.

    I figure this would result in western steelworks shutting down and replacing locally made Steel with imported Chinese Steel made in the world’s dirtiest blast furnaces, and all in the name of reducing the emissions of plant food.

    The World has gone mad!

  4. Spot on all of it Viv and a very good cartoon.

    Words fail me how to describe the sheer stupidity of our governments in closing down our entire economies and movement, almost as if by doing so they have somehow beaten the virus and it will just go away, as if it’s a real life entity, like a mythical Gaea, realising it’s been beaten.

    It’s like the equally stupid reporting of some manufactured items on their carbon emissions, even extending to our military hardware as if tanks are somehow more terrifying and potent to an enemy because they have lower emissions and a smaller carbon footprint than theirs.

    There should never have been any total lockdown, and this includes most international travel, though definitely not with mainland China. Worse or at least equally bad virus epidemics have been weathered without total lockdowns in the past, and without any vaccines being made available, and we now have coming out of the hated USA some pretty effective treatments, much better than were available in those past epidemics, mainly I think due to the emphasis being put on achieving them by President Trump, with his own personal recovery under such treatment a seemingly classic example I’d say.

  5. With advancing technology permitting the development of a growing population of academically indoctrinated urban non-producers, they have chosen to adopt an attitude of moral superiority to the remaining productive sector which is required to support them. They display their virtue by professing concerns about matters such as the environment, social equity, and the expression of opposing ideas or even utter trivia like micro-aggressions, trigger warnings and safe spaces.

    Ironically, in attacking the supply of affordable reliable energy their ignorance and self-righteousness presents a very real threat to the actual productivity which makes possible their own parasitic existence. However, to the extent they succeed in their delusions it will soon be self-correcting as the first thing to become unsustainable will be a growing population of urban non-producers. Without cheap reliable energy their choice will then be to either join the struggling workers or to make their own most useful personal contribution to the environment as compost.

  6. Very interesting articles by Viv Forbes. Pity he has so much interest in coal! Like Trump, he uses his own statements as authority for his articles. Pity. The World will go on even if M Forbes ceases to be. Al D.

    Reply to Al D:
    Viv Forbes has ZERO investment in any coal ventures and receives ZERO income or support from any coal company.
    Viv Forbes

  7. VIV: You Aussies are positively brilliant! Who could have conceived of such a brilliant LIBTARD project as an incipient “CARBON LOCKDOWN”? Here we are in the U.S. worrying our confused minds over some silly Covid-19 virus that will eventually dissipate, while you at the bottom of the planet (and upside down, I’m sure) are already planning to resist a much more serious plague of Marsist/socialist claptrap. We who are about to commit suicide by voting for Comrade Sleazy Joe Biden, salute you!!

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