Book: Climate Change: A Politicised Storm in a Teacup

Dr. John Happs has put together a collection of articles that expose the politics and deception behind unsubstantiated claims that the trivial emissions of human-produced carbon dioxide will lead to catastrophic global warming and a host of other imaginary problems.

Climate Change: A Politicised Storm in a Teacup traces the deliberate corruption of climate science by vested interest groups that stand to gain politically, ideologically and financially from their pointless attempts to reduce the trivial levels of life-giving atmospheric carbon dioxide.

For political/ideological/financial benefit, bodies such as the United Nations, science academies, many governments, Green NGO’s, wind and solar power investors have all contributed to what is now being seen as the biggest deception in the history of science.

Australian supporters of the website can obtain copies of Climate Change: A Politicised Storm in a Teacup, directly from the author, for the special price of twenty-five dollars ($25). This includes postage within Australia.

Contact Dr. John Happs at for further details.

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