Covid will now Empty the Dams

By Viv Forbes

“Wash your hands as often as possible” says Canberra’s Covid Chief.

This could flush away 25 litres of water per person per day.

Suppose ten million obedient Australians wash hands thoroughly “as often as possible”. The water used would total 250 Mega litres per day – enough to empty Australia’s biggest dam, Lake Eucumbene, in just 20 days.

We acknowledge an un-named cartoonist who gave us the idea for this cartoon.

Now add water used to supply the Covid demand for alcohol-based sanitisers to wipe every knob, rail, handle and bench. Distilleries are already diverting production from grog for drinking to alcohol for sanitisers. How long before kids and alcoholics are tasting hand sanitisers? Will the Covid Chief then insist it be methylated or subject to excise?

Covid emptied our pubs and is now draining our dams.

With Environmental releases and Covid cleaning, someone must slash red and green tape and start building more dams quickly.

Smile Time:
What’s the best way to avoid touching your face?
A glass of wine in each hand.

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