Coming soon – the Oz-bat Epidemic

By Viv Forbes

PM Morrison warns of health risks from China’s wet markets.

He should also check Wuhan virus labs. And cull fruit bats in Australia.

Many Australian towns and parks are infected by millions of messy, noisy fruit bats that can carry three viruses dangerous to animals and humans – Hendra-virus (flu etc), Lyssa-virus (like rabies) and Nipah-virus (encephalitis).

Image Credit: Pixabay

These bats wear Green “Protected Species” badges, but unprotected humans are exposed to their noise, smell, droppings, virus dangers and damage to trees and orchards.

Do we want the next world plague to be called “The Oz-Bat Epidemic?

A few of the Australian towns coping with bat invasions:

And here is Ingham, North Queensland:

One thought on “Coming soon – the Oz-bat Epidemic”

  1. Flying fox colony spotted on south bank of Currumbin Creek very close to the Sanctuary and animal hospital. As a volunteer ambo driver there, I can release snakes but am not allowed to handle fruit – or any bats – I wonder why

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