The Virus Slowdown was Successful – but the Depressed Patient Died in Poverty

By Viv Forbes

In their frantic attempts to delay the spread of the Wuhan virus, governments are sowing the seeds of economic depression and currency destruction, which will blight Australian lives for a generation. They are adding financial stress to the medical stress.

The ordinary flu virus kills many people every winter despite vaccines. And both viruses are more lethal for the old and the sick.

We do not close the whole country every flu season but this year’s crisis is being exploited by scare mongers, centralists and globalists whose slogan is “never let a decent crisis go to waste”.

Whole industries are being destroyed before our eyes – airlines, shipping, the whole tourism and entertainment industry, sport, small business, pubs and clubs, retailers and most investment and retirement funds. All sacrificed because governments fear that a sharp spike in illnesses will expose inadequacies in the government-managed hospital/health/welfare bureaucracy. Next they will exploit this economic crisis to promote digital currency, kill cash and get their sticky fingers on our superannuation assets.

Already the green globalists are celebrating as industry emissions fall and political power moves towards central governments and global organisations. They will now abuse this economic crisis by pushing their climate agenda with stimulus packages that favour green energy.

As this government-created economic cyclone destroys industry and jobs, politicians are panicking and scattering cash like confetti at a wedding. This encourages immediate consumption, but this “stimulation” stops dead when the money tap is turned off. The debts will remain, somewhere.

We don’t want more sit-down-money from big government while we hide forlornly at home ordering take-aways – we want conditions which encourage investment and productive employment.

We need measures to encourage the creation of new businesses, industries and jobs. For starters, immediate repeal of payroll taxes, stamp duty, capital gains tax, wage controls, a rates holiday and reduced income tax. And immediate and permanent repeal of all green barriers to new business and jobs.

We need Australians building new dams, railways, roads, real power stations, factories, farms, forests and mines, not sitting sadly at home fearing ration coupons and being drip-fed on some piddling new allowance.

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Viv Forbes has studied financial analysis, business economics and politics, and he is one of the oldies more vulnerable to Wuhan.

6 thoughts on “The Virus Slowdown was Successful – but the Depressed Patient Died in Poverty”

  1. Hi
    I couldn’t agree more with Viv Forbes’s comments about the COVID-19 reaction around the world. Just think how much in the way of medical stimulus and lives saved/improved could have been encouraged with the billions frittered away because of fear, how much stimulus to innovation and investment in real things that will generate wealth if those government (read taxpayer here!) billions had been targeted into firms with ideas for future wealth generation for Australia and Australians, in fact for almost every country following the same path. All that is going to happen is that those billions will be frittered away with nothing to show for them ever except a small reduction in the poverty that is being caused by these government actions. All one has to do to check the difference is look at Sweden.

    Our politicians are definitely a sad and incompetent lot.

    I would hate for Australia to have to fight a real shooting war with these politicians in charge. Their generalship as exhibited by their reaction to what is a novel influenza virus would mean that we would automatically retreat to a bunker with a white flag handy for the inevitable. Gutless and thoughtless.

    And to think that the Australian people actually elected this shower! It doesn’t say much for the Australian people nor for the quality of the opposition .

    PS I’m one of the oldies potentially vulnerable as well. The difference to most is that I’m not scared, just careful as per the more regular influenzas.

    Greg Woodford

  2. About 20 years ago ABC’s Catalyst science program stated that all cold viruses could be stopped by breathing 43’C air for half an hour three times in one day (every eight hours) but no medical authorities (or the ABC’s own personnel) seem to want this information – they are too busy working on a vaccine. I wasted hours attempting to convey this information during the SARS epidemic.

  3. As deaths in Oz hit an ‘unprecedented’ 21, the country is locked down in an economic death spiral. So let’s play with the pandemic numbers:
    1. Percentage of population infected – (5,000 x 100 / 25,000,000) = 0.02%
    2. Percentage of population who have died of the infection to date – (21 x 100 / 25,000,000) = 0.000084%
    3. Percentage of positively tested people who have died of the infection – (5,000 / 21 x 100) = 2.38%
    4. Average number of people infected per day in Oz – (5,000/60) = 83 [Yes, I know it is supposed to be exponential and not linear and I also know that this is just the positive test cases, so let’s factor in these unknowns based on epidemiological guesses concerning China. On day 61 the MSM reported that Victoria had ‘spiked’ with 91 new cases)
    5. Number of untested people with a mild case they don’t know they have or had – (Known cases x 50) – (5,000 x 50) = 250,000 (why am I supposed to be terrified of a disease that infects a large number of people without their even knowing they have it or being ill? So, let’s stick with real illnesses, shall we?)
    6. Percentage of people who have died if we take the epidemiologists ‘Chinese’ estimates into account – (20 x 100 / 255,000) = 0.008% Yawn ….
    7. Percentage who have had it [14-day illness + 14-day quarantine] and listed as recovered – (20 x 100 / 5,000) = 5% (But as the lag from positivity, through illness to recovery and quarantine is 30 days, then in the next month this will approach 95% of the 5,000 known cases + all new cases added to the infected rate {less the 21+ who have died})

    What price has Oz paid for being saved by this lockdown (or exercise in population control)?
    1. A wrecked economy of incalculable consequences.
    2. Closed businesses that will never reopen resulting in broken lives a predictable increase in suicides far in excess of Covid-19 deaths as people see their lives and families blighted by a smug government praising its economic and cultural destruction of Australia as ‘Success”. My investment income has dropped as some people are taking up the government offer to save themselves from hardship by passing it on to my investment income.
    3. A wrecked debt-laden budget of incalculable consequences that will rely on draconian taxation, austere measures and the impoverishment of Oz for decades to repay it – if ever;
    4. A clear (and very sad) example of how easy it is to panic the masses and impose draconian Orwellian controls on us. Surely everyone can see and agree that we need Concentration Camps and Gulags for Quarantine breakers?
    5. We great Australians always cheered ourselves with the thought that Communist Russia, totalitarian China, the murderously psychopathic Pol Pot, the Nazis and every tin pot tyrant and dictator were aberrations that could not happen to the bronzed Aussie larrikin of myth and yesteryear. Yet many fell for the climate cult predictions of catastrophe – and we spent $Bns building bird slicers and desalination plants we didn’t need and NOT building dams and the infrastructure we did. Now we meekly accept a devastated economy and social controls as the price we have to pay to fight a minor Chinese bio-weapon virus with a ‘kill-rate’ of 2%-3%? Poor simpleton stupid fellows, my country, I am not one of you anymore.
    6. In just two months our debt has already increased by so much that we must inevitably be sucked into the vortex of the Globalists Financial Black Hole. The price we must pay (because we can never repay the ScoMo cash-splash debt) is to relinquish our sovereignty and cede control of Oz to either the Chinese or to the supra-nationalists of the One World Order. Fortunately, many of the latter are Australians, so the oppression will probably be by one of our own, so that makes it OK …
    7. China, the cause of the problem has illegally built two new bases in Philippine territory in the South China Sea, is buying depressed stocks in strategic companies and using its Belt & Road to subjugate its neighbours. Learn from Tibet or Taiwan – or become a colony of the Chinese Empire.

    1. Re 7 above.

      I say that any Chinese Made goods for sale in Australia should have a large sign saying “Chinese Made”

      I also believe that there should be a tariff on Chinese imports equivalent to the Australian Labour Cost.

  4. I call the Covid 19 virus the puke de Wuhan. One of my favourite pieces of music is the folk tune, Duc de Rohan. Many would recognise that name as French, but the tune is used in Bagadou (which is Breton – think Scottish pipe band but with oboes as well).

    A lot of people with no idea about Bagadou have heard that tune thanks to it scoring the credits to an epic movie, The Assassin, a few years ago. That’s the English name. The film, itself, is Chinese.

    It seems, these days, that everything increasingly comes back to China. Woe betide Australia if we, as a nation, have to dance to the People’s Republic of China’s tune, however. A video of a Canadian WHO official being asked about Taiwan should be a red flag to Australian democracy.

    Sure, trade with China. Engage with China. But don’t do what my state premier, Daniel Andrews, did by signing up to the Belt and Road program.

  5. Yes, sell our stuff to China but don’t sell ourselves to China. If the ‘open borders’ movement had succeeded in making Australia a part of the Asia-Pacific then we would now be up to our necks in COVID-19.

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