Professor Ian Plimer book launch – “Not For Greens” (2014)

The Institute of Public Affairs launch of Ian Plimer’s book from Connor Court Publishing, ‘Not For Greens’, in Melbourne on Tuesday 22 July 2014.

One thought on “Professor Ian Plimer book launch – “Not For Greens” (2014)”

  1. According to Professor Ian Plimer, Human produced CO2 is one molecule per 85,000, that is comparable with one millimetre per 85 metres. Australia’s responsibility is 2%, one fiftieth, of that one millimetre, there fore can be represented as one millimetre per 4,250 metres. IT’s NOTHING!!! Australia cannot influence the climate. By following the global warming alarmist fraud we are being used to trick other countries into being defrauded by the fraudulent financial fraudsters. The con artists are conning us into conning others, by extension.

    Our fraudulent smiling media people are complicit in the global warming financial fraud. They cannot hide behind their magical ‘cloak of ignorance’. They have been told often enough. They deserve no respect. They work for theiving scoundrels, and know it.

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