Brave German Teenager Speaks Out on Climate Change

YouTuber and climate realist, Naomi Seibt says she became “passionate” about the topic of climate change after she “looked into the science of both sides of the spectrum” and realised “what climate skeptics say” made “a lot of sense scientifically.”

Watch the video from Sky News:

See also Naomi’s presentation to The Heartland Institute in Madrid, Spain, the site of the UN’s COP25.

2 thoughts on “Brave German Teenager Speaks Out on Climate Change”

  1. Well done! She is denying the deceivers’ agenda. It is a human right to annoy the deniers and to thwart their ad hominem attacks. I am sure the professional and impartial mainstream media will mention her speech everywhere – NOT!!! The mainstream media is complicit in the deception.

    1. Oops! Pls correct to : It is a human right to annoy the alarmists. I have had to type the message a number of times due to my solar system dropping out (cloudy here).

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