Brexit Done – Now for Clexit

By Viv Forbes
16 December 2019

Thanks to Boris Johnson, Brexit will now occur. And thanks to Donald Trump, the US will exit the destructive Paris Climate agreement. And the UN alarmists made little progress at the big climate-fest in Madrid.

It’s now time for Clexit (Climate Exit) – the great climate escape from all UN/IPCC alarmism and entanglements. Australia should join this rush for the exits.

Australia is a huge island continent whose prosperity was built on mining, farming, grazing, transport, hydro-carbons and cheap reliable electricity. Australians have much to lose from the UN/Paris shackles, carbon taxes and globalist agenda.

The war on coal, oil, gas, diesel, cattle, exploration and mining has harmed Australia’s backbone industries resulting in reduced prosperity, lower tax collections and more Aussies on welfare. The Kyoto forest lockups have sterilised useful private land and the promotion of unreliable wind/solar energy is destroying industry, jobs and electricity reliability.

Sensible Australians will suddenly revolt and, like Jeremy Corbyn, the Turnbull/ALP/Green/ABC climate alarm choir will find they are singing the wrong tune.

Like Brexit, Clexit is now inevitable. The burden of climate alarm costs and energy disruption ensure that western democracies will dump it. The sooner it is scrapped, the lower the cost.


Some Reading:

The Clexit Coalition is leading The Great Climate Escape.
“Clexit will prevail, because Mother Nature is on our side.”

Utter Failure at COP25:

Viv Forbes is the Secretary and a Founder of the world-wide Clexit.

2 thoughts on “Brexit Done – Now for Clexit”

  1. Don’t let the alarmists escape! Make them pay because they falsely shouted “Fire” in a crowded theatre. Their fraud is costing the world billions/trillions. Climate change is a consequence of a normal solar cycle. We’ve peaked and are about to plunge in temperature. DON’T LET THE FRAUDULENT TRICKSTERS ESCAPE!!!

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