Fires Expose Green Folly

Green Folly locked up 11% of Australia in a tinder-box of bushfire fuel, much of which is now burnt or burning.

Green Folly closed forest tracks and gates, expelled foresters and timber-workers and prevented property owners from removing flammable fuel from their own land and adjacent roads, parks and forests. Those responsible for these follies should face Class Action.

Green Folly promotes electric vehicles but not one fire truck, dozer, water bomber, helicopter, ambulance or naval vessel ran on batteries. They all used hydro-carbon fuels – diesel, petrol or avgas. And with so many power lines down, electric toys could not have recharged their batteries anyway.

Green Folly believed that widely scattered wind turbines, solar panels and their spider-webs of transmission lines would continue to produce power in gale-force firestorms and thick smoke. Many will be burnt. Blackouts are inevitable.

Green Folly promotes “green” building materials like timber which adds fuel to fires while using fake CO2 scares to denigrate steel and concrete which won’t burn.

For decades, Green Folly opposed every new dam proposal and wasted stored water on another Green Folly – “Environmental Flows”. Dams were emptied, farmers suffered, towns ran out of water, food prices increased and some fire-fighting water bombers had to take water from private dams.

It was criminal Green Folly that babbled on about “the Climate Emergency” while they sponsored forest conditions that caused agonizing deaths for so many innocents – residents, firefighters, live-stock, koalas and other native animals, birds and insects.

Australia cannot afford any more Green Follies.

Politicians must stop sacrificing Australians on the Green altar.

Viv Forbes, Executive Director of the Saltbush Club.
9 January 2020

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3 thoughts on “Fires Expose Green Folly”

  1. When SCOMO initiates the Royal Commission into these fires the scope of the investigation must include the influence of CO2 levels in the atmosphere on these fires, as opposed to the influence of climate change – it must specifically ask this question, as the so called link between CO2 levels in atmosphere and global warming is tenuous in the least. A well scoped Royal Commission Enquiry could finally put a stop to the CO2 nonsense.

  2. Dear Viv
    How much CO2 have the 2019/20 Australian bushfires added due to the Green/Regressive policies?
    From theguardian, 250Mt of CO2 have been emitted from the 2019/20 Australian bushfires.
    We can assume that 80% of this or 200Mt is directly caused by Green/Regressive (as I refuse to call them “Progressives”) influence on Government policy in not allowing Hazard Reduction Burns.
    How does this compare to a coal fired power station?
    From, the 1510MW Callide Power Station (B&C) in 2017/18 emitted 10.3Mt of CO2. (This would be much less for a new HELE power station.)
    So the Green/Regressive policies have contributed around 20 times the annual emissions of a very sizeable coal fired power station.
    Of course adding a harmless trace gas which is required for all plant life to thrive is not the issue. The issue is the loss of life, property, flora, and fauna that will take many years to recover due to the ferocity and temperatures of the fires, again all due to the Green/Regressive policies.
    Great to see your name in The Australian lately!

  3. Is it possible to promote a very simple message in Australia to a whole lot of ignorant people who clearly have forgotten the rules of “FIRE”.
    We need three thing to create fire:
    1 oxygen from the air,
    2 an igniter, a match is the most common,
    3 and finally fuel!
    As we cannot control the igniter, (arsonists are the norm now) or the oxygen, that leaves us with only one course of action.
    REDUCE the bloody fuel levels in our forest and private land.
    Tell the politicians at all three levels to listen to the people who know!
    Stop ignoring the experts like David Packam and his colleges.
    Throw the green polices out, they clearly have not worked and apply COMMON SENSE to managing our land!
    Humans are the problem not our environment!

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