Professor David Bellamy – a Sad Loss

A bit of very sad news.

Professor David Bellamy OBE died recently at the age of 86 and it’s fair to say he goes down in history as one of the first victims sacrificed on the altar of the new religion of climate change.

David Bellamy was a prolific broadcaster, respected authority on botany of the natural world. He wrote and appeared in, or presented, hundreds of television programs on botany, ecology, environmentalism and other issues. But was ultimately disowned by the BBC, never to appear again within their hallowed halls once his declared stance against the new religion of CAGW became known.

I never met him but we corresponded and both appeared on an Australian TV interview. He was very interested in our green sheep, see:

“Green Sheep in a Brave New World”,

Viv Forbes

One thought on “Professor David Bellamy – a Sad Loss”

  1. I once conversed with him more than ten years ago on an ABC radio program about setting aside land for the environment. I stated I was happy to provide my land for such a cause but opposed the converting of my land into a financial instrument that could be used for nature-trading. Whilst I smiled I imagined my comment causing apoplexy amongst the faithful trickster insiders – I had ruined the whole intent of the program.

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