4 thoughts on “Inaction has Consequences”

  1. Greetings. Perhaps I am missing something but I believe that the governance sector has spent the previous thirty years educating board members so that they will not emit the type of utterance recently produced by Business Council of Australia’s head, Mr Strong.

    He stated that our elected representatives in government who are ‘climate deniers’ should “shut up and sit in the back benches” .

    Do all of the members of the Business Council of Australia believe the ludicrous proposition that the human-produced 3.65% of the four hundredths of 1% of the total CO2 in the atmosphere is affecting the climate, or has he told some of them to “shut up and go to the back bench!”?

    When the fraudulent nature of his side of the climate debate becomes obvious then there should be material consequences exceeding the limits of director’s insurance for those who are complicit.

  2. I wonder how many trees saved from logging burnt up, taking the animals with them?

    Wilderness means no roads, no dams, no bare patches, no precautionary burning; nothing but scrub.

    And no hope when the fires start.

    1. Greetings Centre-leftist. The environmental movement is not about saving the environment. It’s about selling it.

  3. None of this happened by accident. It is a result of culpable negligence and inexcusable ignorance.
    1. Fires don’t cause so-called climate change. It also does not necessarily follow that climate change causes fires either, otherwise Henry Lawson wouldn’t have seen the need to write that wonderful poem. Bush fires have been part of the Australian landscape for thousands of years long before the myth of climate change was inserted into human belief systems.
    2. 80% of carbon dioxide is produced by termites. human contribution to CO2 levels including the burning of coal is so negligible that it need not be factored in.
    3. The global warming myth now re-named as climate change is really driven by the lust for power and wealth by International Finance. A carbon tax and a trade in carbon credits is a proto-global world currency destined to replace all other currencies thereby concentrating that wealth and power into the hands of a chosen few. The result will be the disappearance of sovereign states and individual freedom.
    4. Many institutions carrying out research on this new pseudo-science have been caught out fiddling the books, tampering with with the data and the results thereby ensuring continued funding. Real scientists would not do this.
    5. The locking up of water resources with associated speculative trading of water. Padlocking and deliberate mismanaging of national parks have led to this perfect storm Australia is now facing. This needs to happen so Australia can be sufficiently softened up financially and psychologically to accept the planned one world money system and the loss of its sovereignty.
    We are currently governed by a kleptocratic idiocracy and have been condition to believe all this climate change rubbish; dumbed down and docile so when the time comes we will probably be a ‘push-over’ – maybe we won’t even notice!
    The forests should be selectively milled, as should fallen timber, so the termites will be denied the food and CO2 levels will be thereby reduced and less people will have their houses and livelihoods sacrificed on the altars of pseudoscience, greed and the lust for power.

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