Has Australia just had its Hottest Day Evah?

Maybe, but only if you ignore our history:


Read more on the 1896 heatwave:
http://mclean.ch/climate/docs/Aus_Heatwave_1896v2014.pdf [PDF, 360 KB]

And how to adjust the records:

https://www.theaustralian.com.au/science/bureau-of-meteorology-cooling-the-past-to-declare-record-heat/news-story/9f40e780eaf267471b35fd851f24b3fe [Paywall]


3 thoughts on “Has Australia just had its Hottest Day Evah?”

  1. Attn: It’s the Sun. Our global temperature represents the peak of an ongoing solar cycle. Let’s distort the world economy to defeat the effects the Sun! What could possibly go wrong?

    1. It’s not to much more complicated than that, however have to look at ocean currents & air current systems that cause delays & feedbacks.

      I have done a couple of weeks of data analysis now on station data from NSW & VIC, have lined these up with IOD & SAM data sets, plus total solar energy & rainfall.

      The solar energy & the SAM anomoly show the strongest direct correlation with daily tempreatures & not CO2ppm.

      Also found some interesting cooling trends that shouldn’t exsist of global warming was the trend.

  2. Changes to the Rutherglen records would surely be an insult to those formerly working at the Ag. Research Institute that bothered to record the data in the first place.

    Where Rutherglen was once known for its port (wine), now it’s increasingly likely to be known as a port-hole to a pseudo-scientific fantasy-land of Lewis Caroll-like proportions, where properly-recorded data can mean just what activists want it to mean.

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