The Climate Debate Bellingham, Washington USA

By Karen & Marc Johnson

I just came across your web site. Here in the City Bellingham the politicians want to force us to not replace our Gas heat or Gas hot water tanks replacing them with all electric. Furthermore the city wants to force us to either cover 50% of our roof tops with solar PV or pay a higher utility bill to fund an off site location for a large solar PV site. All this in the name of human caused climate change.

I am reaching out to you for scientific data debunking this human caused climate change claim as the main cause of climate change. I want to use  information to educate citizens in my community to stop the rip off of the people and the political influence on science.

Sincerely, Karen & Marc Johnson Bellingham, Washington USA

2 thoughts on “The Climate Debate Bellingham, Washington USA”

  1. A picture tells a thousand words. Don’t attempt to convince them through words. Make a rectangle using 100 sheets of paper. Take one of those sheets and rue a 10 x 10 grid on it. lightly colour a line of four squares in your favourite colour. Draw a line 3.65% from the bottom of the coloured squares.

    Ask the alarmists whether they believe 3.65% (human produced CO2) of the four hundredths of one percent (natural CO2) of the atmosphere is causing the current temperature peak. Later, ask them whether the temperature peak is due to a solar cycle that has occurred every 200 years for about 10,000 years. Then whisper “It’s an international financial fraud!”.

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