Can the Plan Rally

A Convoy to Canberra protesting the Disasters caused by the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

On Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd December 2019, people from across the Murray Darling Basin will be converging on Canberra to tell Federal politicians face to face that the Basin Plan is an absolute disaster. Both Federal and State Water Ministers know the devastating impacts of the man-made drought, that has been created  by Basin Plan government policies, but will do nothing to halt the destruction immediately.

On every level the Basin Plan is failing.

Farmers are being denied access to water that is available, but restricted to environmental use only. Consequently, regional communities are seeing high unemployment with the collapse of dairying and cropping industries, the loss of reliant agricultural businesses, closure of schools, inability to field sporting teams, increased incidence of suicide and mental health issues when people lose all hope.

The lives and livelihoods of people in Murray Darling Basin communities are being sacrificed and our nation’s food security put at risk.

In the last 12 months in the Cohuna region, the hub of northern Victorian dairying, 55 farms have sold their cows and exited the industry. 30,000 dairy cows  have left the district and 9,000 young stock, most of these to be slaughtered as owners have  had no access to water at viable prices to produce fodder for their animals.

It is time for everyone to stand up and support our family farms, if you want to continue to eat and drink our home-grown clean, green, safe food. Each and every Australian farmer produces enough food to feed 600 people, 150 at home and 450 overseas. Australian farmers produce 93% of Australia’s daily domestic food supply.

Take a stand and join the Convoy to Canberra, Can the Plan Rally.

We have had a huge response from both within and outside the basin – from Stanthorpe  in the north to Cobar, Walgett, Narromine , Mildura, the Lower Darling, the southern Murray and Goulburn Valley.

Meet us at Yass on Monday 2nd December at 11am to roll into Canberra  with trucks, utes, cars, tractors and placards.

Jan Beer, Cheviot Hills, Yea VIC 3717, Mob:  0407 144 777

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