Green Policies Destroy the Forests

By Viv Forbes

Australia is a land of deserts, droughts, floods, bushfires, flammable forests and fire-prone grasslands – these conditions have developed since the start of the Holocene Warm Era about twelve thousand years ago.

All previous Australian bushies, both black and white, have recognised the key principle of fire management in Australia – you can have many small managed “cool” fires in early spring or a few unplanned disastrous “hot” fires consuming a heavy fuel load in hot dry winds in late spring. (Arsonists have other priorities and light their fires at these most dangerous times.)

Every generation of Australians sees its fire disasters and the worst ones get names – “Black Thursday” in 1851, “Black Friday” in 1939, “Ash Wednesday” in 1983, and the worst to date “Black Saturday” in 2009. Not even an armada of expensive water bombers will stop these bushfires – at that stage fire can only be prevented or contained by fire.

Good fire management disappeared as rural voters were outvoted by the green leafy suburbs. Urban greens thought we could prevent all fires and encourage wildlife by locking up more parks and encouraging fire-loving, oil-containing eucalypts and flammable weeds close to towns and dwellings. (Many native plants require fire to burst open their rock-hard seed pods.) Graham Lloyd of the Australian notes that even the Hippies of Nimbin blame greens for “the incendiary state of the Australian bush”.

Even more stupid are those who think politicians can control or abolish droughts and bushfires by banning the use of coal and oil in a futile attempt to lower global temperature. The sun, the oceans and recurring El Nino droughts will dwarf all efforts of puny politicians.

We need good fire and forest management and prosecution of arsonists, not costly climate distractions.

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“We saw either smoke by day or fires by night.” James Cook as he sailed past eastern Australia in 1770.

“In the whole country (Australia) I scarcely saw a place without the mark of a fire.”Charles Darwin 1836.

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Viv Forbes has science and financial qualifications and long experience in mining, farming, weather cycles, bushfires and politics in Australia. He was an active member of the Mt Walker bush fire brigade for about 25 years. He remembers the terrible Millennium drought and he and his wife fought bushfires of those days on their property at Rosevale. He now has no vested interests in any black or green energy industries except as a consumer.

One thought on “Green Policies Destroy the Forests”

  1. This situation will continue as long as nobody, at any level, is held responsible for inadequate fire-management practices despite a wealth of advice being available from e.g. Rural Fire Services. Has any individual or organisation been sued for incompetence or negligence contributing to bush-fire damage? Does anyone fear loss of employment, reputation benefits or pension rights for failure to prevent/minimize bush-fires?
    Where are the ambulance-chasing lawyers, the class actions like, say, those featuring the flooding damage caused by dam-level mismanagement, eventually settled in favour of the plaintiffs? Why does the insurance industry not insist on vegetation management standards surrounding rural properties? What are the responsibilities of Ministers for the Environment in this matter?
    You can imagine how the above would spring into action if a major, damaging bushfire was found to be caused/started by a mining company.
    One is led to conclude that the concept of ‘Climate Change’ has infested our legal system to the point that it acts as a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card overriding any culpability by human agency.
    Perhaps the response is: Well if you knew that Climate Change was going to lead to hotter, more flammable conditions, why did you not do something about it? What is the legal advice on this?

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