Consultant geologist Dr Geoff Derrick was invited to present this talk to a conference held in Brisbane at the Pullman Hotel, 22-23 July 2019. The conference was organised and hosted by DANA, a New Zealand-based group of Forest Industry Advisors. The conference was titled “Innovations in the Australian Forest Industry Sector”, and featured 2 days of lectures and workshop discussion, followed by a half-day field trip to Woodchip export facilities at the Port of Brisbane.

Here is a screen cap of the PowerPoint presentation, which has about 100 slides and was scheduled for about a half-hour from 5 to 5.30pm.

derrick-titleNeither Geoff nor DANA quite knew what to expect, both of the subject matter of the talk, and the disposition of DANA clients towards the talk. Prior to the conference, DANA received some feedback from forestry personnel as to whether the talk was appropriate for the conference, the implication being that it was likely to be sceptical in nature and therefore possibly off-limits for this group.

Undeterred by this reaction, and to their credit, the DANA organisers honoured the invitation and persisted with the presentation, but changed the time slot to the last talk on Day 1. A pdf of the talk is available from the DANA group (; email: and from Saltbush.

The talk ranges widely over climate matters, from tree rings, warmist exaggerations, the science of CO2, the lack of sea level rise and the temperature record. It is not all-encompassing, with no discussion on subjects such as ocean acidification, the Great Barrier Reef, renewable energy etc etc. The entire talk is available as a pdf file of 21mb, and also as individual Sections 1 to 10, each a pdf of about 3-5mb. The section headings are listed below, and each section is introduced by a repeat of the title page of the talk.

The talk has been described as very professionally presented, with excellent data and a ‘must see’ for followers of the climate science debate. Being a presentation format but with no speaker involved, the reader here is invited to interpolate as to the full meaning of each slide, although most slides are considered largely self-explanatory. Some familiarity with the reading of graphs is assumed.


Full presentation: [PDF, 22 MB]

If you prefer, you may download individual sections, linked in the section list below. Each PDF file is approximately 2.2 MB.

Section  1: “It starts with the trees.” – Tree rings in SE Queensland.
Section  2: “You’re a bad Mann.” – A short history of the hockey stick.
Section  3: “The Global Perspective.” – Climate is always changing.
Section  4: “The nature of CO2.”
Section  5: “A devilish plot.” – Greenhouse and demonisation of CO2.
Section  6: “The Big Warmie Warmie.” – An Overview of global warming trends.
Section  7: “CO2 may be innocent.” – Does CO2 cause any warming?
Section  8: “Are you levelling with me?” – The Controversy about sea levels.
Section  9: “Are things getting worse?” – Weather amnesia – remember the past.
Section 10: “There may be no climate emergency.” – Some conclusions.

5 thoughts on “HUMAN-INDUCED CLIMATE CHANGE – A Geoscientist’s View”

  1. Thanks Geoff, an informative & to the point series of slides. These should be incorporated into primary-secondary school education curriculum? Alas don’t wait up for this, to be brutally factual!

    1. Greetings Mike.

      We must organise a child to present the other side of the issue to the United Nations. Does anyone know of a young teenager with mental issues who would be suitable?

      Yes, I know that’s immoral but it has recently become best practice.

  2. The thing that concerns me a great deal has to do with the physics of CO2.

    Yes we all know that CO2 is a plant food, and the planet has somewhat increased its plant population. It’s likely that since the last ice age there has never been so much greening as there has been now.

    What I feel needs serious thought is the matter presented in this link:

    I’m not happy about the hysteria, the way the media trivializes this whole issue. I’m aware that mega-fires will periodically happen due to fuel load buildup. It is the science of CO2 and how the idea was historically born in the late 1800s that it has greenhouse properties that needs to be settled. Maybe a series of clever experiments on how it behaves will settle this.

    The idea is also about that CO2 plays a part in the onset of ice age period. So maybe an increased level of it has the opposite effect.

    Cheers W. Ramanovich

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