The Climate Delusion

By Jay Lehr, Ph.D.

My life’s work has always centered around science education, regardless of the subject at hand.

In past times my work involved educating the public about the need for environ-mental protection, and I helped establish the Environmental Protection Agency in the Nixon years. We had dirty air and water and needed to clean it up.

A few years ago the public was in panic about a possible nuclear disaster caused by a tsunami off the coast of Japan. Preventing overreaction by politicians wanting to shut down nuclear power based on misinformation was a challenge for me.

But today, the most important issue for all of us here now is what we should call the Climate Delusion, a myth that has been promulgated around the world by our educational institutions, our politicians, and the media.

The Climate Delusion is the belief that we are living in a world threatened by the most important and harmless molecule that Mother Nature has bestowed on Earth–carbon dioxide.

Rather than be thankful for this molecule which provides for life on our planet, very bad people have chosen to demonize it for political reasons, basically to en-slave the world. You may think I am being too strident here. I am not. We are at war for our freedom.

Nearly half the population of the developed world has been deluded into thinking that the earth is in danger of destruction by carbon dioxide, and that to save the earth we must transform society by shutting down inexpensive energy that is the life blood of civilization. They wish us to adopt Socialism, open our borders, re-distribute our wealth, and form a New World Order where collectivism rules and individual freedom is no more.

Their only arguments, intended to fool the public, are the climate models that are really a joke, and a bad one at that!

In consultation with Astrophysicist Willie Soon and Tom Wysmuller, formerly of NASA, we chose an even dozen variables which obviously must be considered when attempting to predict future temperatures and climate impacts on our planet.

However, all of these are variables we can only guess at because we do not fully understand them. They include:

1- changes in seasonal solar irradiation

2- energy flows between the ocean and atmosphere

3- energy flows between the air and land

4- the balance between the Earth’s water, water vapor, and ice 5- the impact of clouds

6- understanding the planet’s ice

7- mass change among ice sheets, sea level, and glaciers 8- the ability to factor in hurricanes and tornadoes 9- the impact of vegetation on temperature

10- tectonic movement on the ocean floor

11- the differential rotation between the earth’s surface and the planet’s core

12- the solar system’s magnetic field and gravitational interaction

Well, the fact is we do not fully understand any of them. Any current modeling predictions fall far short and are, indeed, a joke.

With these facts in mind it is no surprise that Willie Soon calculated a few years ago that if we actually knew all the variables involved in a reasonable mathematical climate model it would take a supercomputer 40 years to reach an answer.

Most of you know that Lord Christopher Monckton and I are skydivers. While I may have 1500 more jumps than Chris, his jump into Durban for COP 17 may have been more important than all of mine. But every year in June, I practice with skydivers who reenact the Normandy invasion. We imagine what it was like for the Paratroopers who risked their lives against enemy fire to save our world from Hitler and Nazi Germany. Well, all of us in this room may not be fighting for our lives, but we are surely fighting for our way of life.

We have thus far failed to educate our politicians, our students of science, and the public in general about the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on mankind.

It is way past time for a National Debate on the science underlying the manmade global warming/climate change mania that is the real danger to our planet.

Now that the Russian Collusion Delusion is going down in flames, it is time to ex-pose the Climate Delusion that threatens our freedom.

In closing I ask that we all stop fighting their numbers with our numbers. The only number that matters is zero. That is, in fact, the real impact of carbon dioxide on the Earth’s thermostat and sea level rise. We are not in a battle over numbers. We are in a battle to protect our way of life. If we lose to the so-called Progressives, who should really be called Regressives, they will take us back to life as it was in the 19th century, but much worse, as they will have installed a government capable of controlling every aspect of our lives.

Thank you for granting me this magnificent award!

Jay Lehr, Ph.D.

Acceptance speech given at ICCC 13 on July 25, 2019 at the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC upon receiving the Dauntless Purveyor of Climate Truth Award.

3 thoughts on “The Climate Delusion”

  1. In this op-ed Dr. Jay Lehr asserts human-caused climate change is “myth” promulgated by unnamed “educational institutions, our politicians, and the media” whom he asserts “…wish us to adopt “Socialism, open our borders, redistribute our wealth, and form a New World Order where collectivism rules and individual freedom is no more.”

    Dr. Jay Lehr has a long history of writing false and misleading op-eds about climate change. For example: “[RETRACTED] Media Hysteria: Climate Change ‘Heat Records’ Are a Huge Data Manipulation” By Jay Lehr & Tom Harris, February 20, 2019, Western Journal

    In the past Dr. Lehr blamed Al Gore for “the dangerous mythology of dangerous manmade global warming.” (Source “HOW AL GORE BUILT THE GLOBAL WARMING FRAUD” Oct 19, 2018, The Heartland Institute)

    If Dr. Lehr had a rational argument to support his views, then he wouldn’t need unsupported assertions and false political conspiracy theories

    1. So, Mr James, why don’t you provide the unequivocal proven climate facts to support your view – truths that are, well…. true and factual not based on any assumptions? So many dire predictions have already come and gone, such that we will not live in fear of them anymore. Presumably you seek to undermine the author as he proports views that differ from your own? Your response is predictable and broadly in line with those supporting man-made climate change – no debate, just accept the (obviously correct) view. Where is the debate? There is none, and opponents of this nonsense are derided as heretics.

      The lack of freedom he mentions is here and encroaching fast – your comments are a small part of the evidence. Communism in a democratic skirt is just around the corner. Hold on its 1984….

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