Carbon Burial Lunacy

By Viv Forbes

Over the eons, nature has extracted billions of tonnes of carbon compounds from the surface and buried them in extensive beds of limestone, dolomite, magnesite, dead corals, sea shells, animal skeletons, methane hydrate and hydro-carbons. This process has been so efficient that plants today are semi-starved of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Luckily, burning coal, oil, gas, peat and wood and making cement and fertiliser is restoring some of this valuable plant food to the surface and atmosphere where plants can again extract it and thrive. This is called the Carbon Cycle.

Wasting heaps of money and scads of energy trying to separate, compress and rebury this benign valuable plant food in pressurized carbon sequestration cemeteries is green lunacy. If this compressed gas escapes in a rush, it will be deadly for nearby animal life.

Naturally thermal coal producers love “carbon sequestration” – it will greatly increase the consumption of coal energy for separation, compression, pumping and burial.

One thought on “Carbon Burial Lunacy”

  1. Shocking! SHOCKING! Those green fiends are sabotaging biodiversity and starving Australia’s trees of CO2!

    The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Telephone them to enlighten them and observe how your message is treated with “I will pass it on” to someone who will do nothing.

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