2 thoughts on “A View on Global Warming (video) – Dr Patrick Moore”

  1. 95% of greenhouse gasses is water vapour. What are consensus scientists doing to get that stuff banned?

  2. Hi, I have a number of colleagues that are members of the saltbush club, and they suggested I join also. But on looking through the categories of interest, on your website, I find that ‘population’ or ‘overpopulation’ is not listed.
    To me, overpopulation is the fundamental cause of most of the planet’s problems, be they water shortage, wildlife extinctions, habitat destruction, housing shortages, congestion in cities, and of course so-called man-made climate warning with associated climate/weather extremes such as droughts, bush fires, floods etc.
    Is that an oversight on your web page or do you not recognise it as a core problem?

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