Last Minute Interference by Al Gore and the ABC into the Australian Election

by Viv Forbes, Executive Director, the Saltbush Club, Australia.

The Saltbush Club today called for an enquiry into a last minute intervention by an American politician, Al Gore, into the Australian Election.

The Executive Director of the Saltbush Club, Viv Forbes, said that in such a tight election race, the intervention of someone with the international stature of Al Gore, assisted by the climate activist Australian Broadcasting Commission, could easily change the result of the election.

The Gore intervention was not subtle – he labelled the LNP government climate policy as ‘not credible’ and taking the country ‘in the wrong direction’.

Becoming even more partisan, Gore praised the opposition Labor plan ‘as an extremely significant act of leadership on the part of Australia.’

This carefully timed intervention in a closely fought Australian election by a prominent foreign politician is a blatant attempt to promote a damaging climate agenda already rejected in the USA.

This surely justifies an enquiry into foreign electoral interference and ABC complicity.

One thought on “Last Minute Interference by Al Gore and the ABC into the Australian Election”

  1. The ABC keeps insisting it is impartial.

    The solution is to separate the Lemon Party and its ilk from the Coalition Parties.

    Have the Coalition and other parties present their own separate programs. The Lemon Party can have its own show and the Coalition can have their own show with their own presenters. Simple! That way several Coalition supporters can discuss issues amongst themselves, as Green and non-Green Lemon Party supporters do on ABC. Have Coalition Party shows where THEY stack the audience with supporters and questions. Have several Coalition presenters discuss the Coalition instead of having only ABC and ALP Lemonistas discuss the Coalition as they always do.

    That way the ABC can be openly and transparently biased. That way the ABC can present issues that only SKY News is presently able to present. SKY News presents news the ABC eschews. Compare and contrast.

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