Possum on the Barbie?

by Viv Forbes, Australia.

Greens want to replace ancient grasslands and modern croplands with trees. They worship eucalypt weeds while chipping away at the growing space for priceless plants like Mitchell grass, saltbush, mulga, buffel grass, lucerne, wheat, barley, oats and macadamia.

To meet futile Kyoto and Paris climate targets, we are nibbling away grasslands, pastures, orchards and paddocks which feed cattle, sheep, people and kangaroos. In return we get green-sponsored carbon forests, scrub and woody weeds which harbour wild dogs, wild pigs, wild cats, possums, wait-a-while, rubber vine and lantana.

In this bilious-green world, when steak is a rationed treat, shall we chuck another possum on the barbie?

barbie cartoon

One thought on “Possum on the Barbie?”

  1. Maybe we need to publicise ‘Dark Emu’ by Bruce Pascoe. His book is devoted to Aboriginal agriculture. One comment is ‘good land was grass or crop land, poorer land was where trees were allowed to grow. All management was via fire. Much grass seed was harvested and stored, many Aboriginal groups lived in permanent settlements, with fish traps, dams and irrigation eg the Bush Tomato will only grow with human help. The book is most interesting.

    Using goats a 4000 acre paddock was turned from mulga to mitchell grass downs in a few years. The mulga was rolled and then the goats did the work.

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