An Invitation From John Shanahan (All About Energy) – Call for Poems

Dear friends and colleagues for sound energy, radiation science, nuclear medicine and climate science policies.

I’ve been working for public education about sound energy and climate science for more than ten years. During that time two people sent me poems. Both poems are amazing, powerful and good for the public.

1) USA – High school student Mary Clair Birdsong about nuclear energy pioneer, Ted Rockwell.

2) Australia – Viv Forbes, Executive Director of the Saltbush Club – “Freezing in Green Heaven” – about wind, solar and coal energy

This is an invitation to you to write a short poem about the problems we face regarding sound energy, radiation science, nuclear medicine and climate science. You can see what Mary Claire Birdsong and Viv Forbes have done. What can you or one of your colleagues do? We will post these poems on the website

We will have a special edition of our newsletter dedicated to poems.

Write powerfully like high school student Mary Claire Birdsong. Write colorfully like Saltbush Club Director, Viv Forbes. Their poems are in links above.

Send to John Shanahan with copies to:

John A. Shanahan

Editor, website:
Denver, Colorado, USA 80210

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