Warming Came Before Coal

If human use of coal and oil is causing the Modern Warming, what caused the Minoan Warming, the Roman Warming and the Medieval Warming, all of which were warmer than today?

Every warm era was followed by a mini-ice age – a time of blizzards, iced rivers, starving stock, failed crops and hungry humans.

Only fools would try to kill the warmth by reducing aerial CO2 plant food.

And only idiots would destroy their reliable electricity supply in this futile crusade.

By Viv Forbes

One thought on “Warming Came Before Coal”

  1. Bill Shorten’ renewable energy plan is a scam.

    To put it simply Bill is like a man with a truck that has to make a one hundred kilometre journey every day. But here’s the problem, every day the man’s truck has only fuel for thirty five kilometres and some days much less. It is impossible for the man to make the journey and Bill’s not being honest, if he says he can.

    Here’s the analogy. The truck is Bill’s solar power system (roof solar panels, solar farms). The journey is providing electricity for Australia twenty four hours a day. The fuel is the Sun, which only shines effectively eight hours a day and with clouds and rain, some days much less. Result, it is impossible for Bill’s solar power system to provide the electricity required. And with no excess solar electricity to store, batteries are a worthless expense.

    And don’t mention wind energy, it’s weak and unreliable. Two hundred years ago, sailing ships were all we had. Where you wanted to go and what time you arrived, was very uncertain, as it relied on the vagaries of the wind. Today there are no commercial sailing ships. Why because the ships, (passenger liners, container ships) are thirty times bigger these days, and their crew want them to go in whatever direction they want, and get there at a time they can predict.

    Wind turbines might power a commune, but they won’t power a modern country.

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