Hydro-carbons Beat Biofuels on all counts

Coal and oil are made from plants and animals that died millions of years ago when the atmosphere contained abundant carbon dioxide plant food. They are now very concentrated forms of energy which can be extracted from very small areas of land. Burning these natural hydro-carbons returns CO2 and fresh water to the atmosphere thus greatly assisting global plant growth. If we are lucky these extra gases in the atmosphere may also slightly delay the start of Earth’s next cooling cycle, but this looks unlikely.

Ethanol and biodiesel are made from plants growing now – sugar cane, beets, palm oil and grains. Growing these crops requires large areas of land and valuable fresh water for irrigation.
Growing bio-fuel crops extracts CO2 from the atmosphere but burning them quickly puts it back. This is a zero-sum game that does nothing positive for the environment or the climate.

Coal and oil are thus more enviro-friendly than biofuels. It is environmental desecration to lock-the-gate on coal, oil and gas while supporting policies that waste land, food crops and water for motor fuels.

Speculators should be free to make biofuels but these should not be subsidised or mandated.

By Viv Forbes

One thought on “Hydro-carbons Beat Biofuels on all counts”

  1. No sorry Im not convinced that OIL is from Biota.
    See https://principia-scientific.org/swedish-scientists-geologists-fossil-fuel-theory-busted/
    It looks pretty bad for the fossil oil theory. (yes coal is fossil).
    Gas cannot be fossil either, the SAME gas is found on Saturn’s moon Titan, including Saturn itself and some in Jupiter.. No fossils there, and in interplanetary nebula, (hydrocarbons have been identified in the famous Horse Head nebula in Orion.)
    Methane on Mars! This got a tiny mention after one satellite shown some methane signature on Mars.
    Probably not what the powers want us to know! Slightly embarrassing as there is NO life on Mars!
    My guess is that there maybe oil on Mars and Venus.

    Therefore Oil is produced by the earth in the deep mantle and through chemical processes , confirmed by Russian chemists, some of the best in the world, oil CANNOT be produced from decaying, squashed biota over millennia. There was a site called gasresources.net, showing this which seems to have disappeared.

    QuentinF, mem IEEE.
    Engineer, geophysics grad.

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