Racing to the Power Point in Birdsville

When 2,000 electric cars towing caravans descend on the Birdsville races, where do they charge their batteries overnight?

“Please take a ticket and join the queue?”

By Viv Forbes

2 thoughts on “Racing to the Power Point in Birdsville”

  1. The cars will each need to carry generators (petrol/diesel/gas). Perhaps generators could be powered by distilled Urinol from the local pubs? For those without generators they will need to organise an electricity auction – those who pay the most will get their cars charged first. Perhaps some could harness the racehorses to a treadmill to power an alternator/generator and produce about 40% of one horsepower (746 Watts) per hour. The horse would need to work for many days to enable a car to depart from Birdsville to another town.

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