Why Big Miners turned Green

Big miners like Rio and BHP employ many geologists, chemists and physicists who can show that natural climate cycles have been occurring for millions of years. Why then are their boards pushing the man-made climate fable?

It’s all about money.

Wind turbines, solar farms and electric cars need humungous amounts of copper, steel, rare earths, lithium, silicon and aluminium for towers, transmission lines, charging stations, generators, motors, panels and batteries.

This means higher metal prices and bigger profits, dividends and bonuses.

All pretty simple.

Viv Forbes

2 thoughts on “Why Big Miners turned Green”

  1. Its also virtue signalling.

    These companies want to be perceived by the public, media, and government to be on their opinion side…a friend and allie.. A good citizen, etc. Especially when mining is digging up dirt…using massive amounts of fossil fuels…so anti green pratices. They need the positive feedback to make it easier to maximise profits and minimise tax. Be nice to see some push back.

  2. Yes Macha, it’s virtue signalling, but big oil and mining are also the world’s leaders of environmentalism because they are also the world’s leaders in nature trading. They are ‘saving the environment’ so they can sell it.

    Rio Tinto and other Business Council of Australia members desperately wanted to be taxed by a carbon tax a few years ago to institute such a tax because Rio Tinto’s financier owners lend money to governments and want to seize financial instruments based on CO2 emissions if the governments cannot repay their debts. They didn’t mind being taxed in Australia provided that would lead to a new debt-for-nature regime worldwide.

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