What Happened to Global Warming?

By David Archibald

The global warming hysteria was reaching a crescendo in the lead up to the climate confab in Copenhagen in 2009 when a civic-minded person released the Climategate emails, deflating the whole thing. Those emails, concocted from the fevered imaginations of the scientists involved.

Nigh on 10 years have passed since then and we are currently experiencing another peak in the hysteria that seems to be coordinated worldwide. But why? Why now? The global warming scientists have plenty of time on their hands and plenty of money. Idle curiosity would have got some to have a stab at figuring out what is going to happen to climate. Do they see an imminent cooling and they have to get legislation in place before that is apparent?

The passage of those ten years has given us another lot of data points on the global warming. There are now 40 years of satellite measurements of atmospheric temperature and this is how that plots up for the Lower 48 States:

lower atmosphere temperature

What the graph shows is the departure from the average for the 30 years from 1981 to 2010. The last data point is February 2019 with a result of -0.03 degrees C. So we have had 40 years of global warming and the temperature has remained flat. In fact it is slightly cooler than the long term average. Is it possible to believe in global warming when the atmosphere has cooled? No, not rationally. Is it possible for global warming to be real if the atmosphere has cooled? Again no.

Now let’s look at carbon dioxide, which is supposed to be driving the global warming, if it was happening. A lab high up on Mauna Loa in Hawaii has been measuring the atmospheric concentration since 1958. As it is the annual change in concentration that is supposed to be driving global warming let’s see how that plots up:


What it shows is that the driving effect has been in a wide band from 1979 when the satellites to measure temperature went up but the trend is flat. Think about that – 40 years of forcing and no result in the actual atmospheric temperature. If it was ever going to happen it would have happened by now.

The opposite of global warming is global cooling. What are the chances of that? Pretty good in fact. Only one graph is need to show the potential for that – the aa Index which is a measure of the Sun’s magnetic field strength. Records of that have been kept since 1868:

sun magnetic field strength

The second half of the 20th century had a solar magnetic field strength that was 50% higher than that of the last 60 years of the Little Ice Age. That ended in 2006. We are now back to the solar activity levels of the 19th century and that will bring the sort of climate our forbears had then.

And so it has come to pass. January-February had record cold over North America. Seemingly the polar vortex was everywhere because Japan also had record cold.

Waiting for global warming to happen is like Waiting for Godot. It is never going to happen and the wait is getting beyond tedious.

In the meantime there is no evidence for global warming and the opposite is happening, as shown by the record cold we have just experienced. It is time to stop giving global warmers the benefit of doubt – they are loons. That includes Rick Perry.

David Archibald has lectured on climate science in both Senate and House hearing rooms.

7 thoughts on “What Happened to Global Warming?”

  1. The ancient Egyptians, Romans, Medievals all had global temperature higher than we experience, followed by global cooling. What did they do to produce the global cooling?

    Answer: NOTHING! Cyclical global heating and cooling reflect a solar cycle, not CO2 emissions.

  2. Frankly, I think that a lot of people involved in climate analysis and research would find your arguments… well, something like a joke, if not crazy foolish.

    Every global temperature data set show we’ve just experienced the 5 hottest years on record in 2014-2018. Even your preferite dataset (UAH) shows a substantial strong increase… and we all know very well those guys of Huntsville…

    I don’t understand your point of view… I mean, I don’t understand the basis of your arguments…

    OK, say what you like, but don’t expect any good comment from scientists… Maybe you’ve some well hidden reason for saying what you say…

    1. Benvenuto Signor Cassanelli, mi chiamo Primustultorus.

      There is no dispute that the climate has been warm but if you are aware of the cyclical nature of global temperature then this is evidence of solar activity not CO2 emissions. How did the Ancient Romani cause global cooling after they experienced global warming at higher temperatures than we experience now? How did they remove the CO2 from their air?

      Non e vero! The global warming was due to a solar cycle not the miniscule 0.04% of CO2 in the atmosphere.

      The scientists have been asked and paid to write papers on the influence of CO2 on global warming but few of them have chosen to write (unpaid)on the influence of solar cycles on global warming. The usual international financiers want to create a trading system based on selling carbon assets. They don’t want us to know that the current solar cycle has ended and we are about to experience global cooling, just as they have locked us into paying squillions to stop global warming.

    2. Statistical significance mean anything to you?

      It means the graph is flat… nothing else can be inferred due to the fact that – statistically speaking – the temperature remains flat.

  3. The last temperature reading was below the average of 1979 – 2010.

    How can it be hot if under those circumstances?

    As he said, he doesn’t understand because he doesn’t want to understand.

    And he attempts to disparage Dr Roy Spencer et al.

    Just a loon.

    An agitated loon.

    1. The mid 1800’s were warmer than we have been this century and last century,
      yet, no industrial production of hydrocarbons or CO2 were occurring
      the ” Carbon police”..conveniently erased
      The temperature abberration and gave us
      The “Hockey Stick” graph of climate change.

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