Priorities for Australia

Poor policies are taking Australia into tough times.

There are four priorities for the coming election.

Firstly: Decimate the Foreign Green Snakes in the Grass.

The climate/emissions obsession started with unelected foreigners in the UN and the IPCC who drafted deep green agendas to be imposed via elected Federal, State and Local governments. Australia must immediately withdraw from the Lima/Paris/Kyoto agreements, reject the 2030 Agenda, and repeal all the green tape they spawned. This costly mess creates no measurable climate or environmental benefits.

green snakes

Secondly: Build more Reliable Base-Load Power Stations.

Green extremists want to destroy the carbon energy that powers our industries, supports our life style, funds our welfare and provides our jobs. They want to take us back to primitive green energy that can never support modern civilised life.

We have played with weather-dependent wind-solar toys for too long. They will never power an advanced economy, nor will they lift poor nations from poverty. And they provide no demonstrated benefits for the climate, the landscape or consumers. All taxes, subsidies and energy targets that prop up unreliable intermittent energy must be abolished.

Take a look at “clean, safe, reliable and non-polluting” wind power:

And some lessons on power grids as Venezuela slips back to the dark ages:

And dangers in the UK grid:

Thirdly: Build More Dams and Weirs.

Much of our continent cycles between droughts and floods. Both problems have the same positive solution – catch and store flood waters. The oceans are never short of water, but our land often is.

Finally: Fight Fire with Fire.

Every dry season we lose homes, properties, livestock, parks and wildlife to massive bushfires. There is only one positive solution – copy aboriginals and old-time graziers and use small, managed, early-season fires to remove flammable ground litter. This will require landowners and local fire-fighters (not urban greenies) to manage fuel-reduction burns.

We must fix these four issues. Stop draining Australian money to support foreign agendas and the bloated UN bureaucracy. Let’s help Australians instead.

2 thoughts on “Priorities for Australia”

  1. Under corporations law it is illegal for directors to ‘fetter their discretions’ that is to give some other entity powers and responsibilities that belong to directors only. Our politicians must not delegate power to the unelected UN. If that is what Australians actually want then it would be much cheaper to sack our politicians and pay an authorised inebriated sociopath a few hundred dollars to shout “Come and get it!”.

    Our politicians are paid servants of their master, the Australian people. They do not have the power to delegate powers to others, especially non-Australians, that are above their masters. Disloyal paid servants must not enslave the masters that pay them.

    The UN is not a government organisation. Australians have not voted to join the UN and cannot vote to elect their representatives or vote on a matter in the UN. The UN is a collection of banks whose headquarters in New York is sited on land donated by a Mr Rockefeller.

    It is considered corrupt conduct if government and/or politicians follow an undisclosed foreign/external agenda. When did Australian politicians notify their electorates of the detailed content of their agreements in the UN? When did our politician/agents ask for our permission to be entered into these commitments? When were Australians asked whether they want international courts to dominate Australian courts?

    When an ABC presenter/journalist asks “Who is an Australian?” we should answer “Someone who is not anti-Australian”. Observe their reaction. Recall that twenty years ago every ABC figure enthusiastically supported the European Union even though the EU’s purpose was to compete against Australia. David Hill, principal of the ABC then the soccer federation, told Marconi Club supporters in Sydney that they could no longer use Italian colours in their symbols because “Italy doesn’t exist any more.” Similarly these insidious insiders want Australia and other peoples’ nations to vanish.

  2. This is the most common sense thing I’ve read in long time . We discuss this very thing . This country gas gone to rack and ruin by these treacherous politicians. They’ve sold us out to their corporate masters make no mistake about it. The UN and its blissfully ignorant followers will be the death of this country.

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