UN Indoctrination

Indoctrinating Schoolchildren to Support the
United Nations Global Agenda.
Children Become ‘Activists’ in Support of
UN Climate/Sustainability Agenda.
Graham Williamson
January 2019 (Summary version)

Note: This analysis is in two documents: the summary below (and its PDF version here: un-education-summary [38 KB] and the full document here: un-education [PDF, 213 KB].

Australian Educational Standards Declining as the Curriculum Becomes Increasingly Politicised

According to reports, Australia is now at the bottom of the list of wealthy countries when it comes to global educational standards. Evidence of political indoctrination of school students, or exploitation of children for political purposes, is extensive in Australia. With an emphasis on climate/sustainability activism, sexual orientation, gender expression, and gender identity, in current ALP policies, Australia is rising to the top of the UN indoctrination rankings.

Global UN Values and ‘Dumbing Down’ of Students Replace Australian Values in Schools

Through the UN Agenda 21 agreement agreed to by the Keating government in 1993, and consolidated by the Howard, Rudd, and Gillard governments, Australian politicians have long been dedicated to destroying traditional Australian values and replacing them with imported ‘global’ values approved by the UN. Education, and our children, have been at the forefront of this anti-Australian campaign. Fear has always been a popular tool used by the UN to achieve their goals as far as indoctrinating children is concerned.

Australian Government Embeds Anti-Australian, Anti-Nationalist Curricular Values Under the Guise of the UNs Global Citizenship Education

Continuing this campaign of enabling UN interference in Australia, in 2015 former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop signed Australia up for the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. While successive governments told Australians this agreement, like Agenda 21, was ‘non-binding’, and therefore of no consequence, this was untrue as governments around the world were required to legislate to enforce these ‘non-binding’ dictates of the UN. Sustainable Development Goal 4.7, signed by Julie Bishop, required that all Australian schoolchildren be educated as global citizens, not Australian citizens. Global citizens however, are a non-entity, with no one empowered to grant global citizenship. Global Citizenship Education (GCE) is essentially anti-nationalist education, it is the teaching of anti-nationalist, anti-democratic values. Yet it is endorsed by both major political parties.

Australian Government Promotes Teachers Changing from Educators to ‘Change Agents’

The 2030 Agenda agreed to by former Foreign Minister Bishop, required that Teachers become ‘change agents’, not educators. Additionally, all Australian children are required to be educated as activists promoting the UNs global sustainability agenda.

UNESCO Reinforces Change From Education to UN Driven Globalist Indoctrination

UNESCO, in their support for Agenda 21 and the 2030 Agenda, and their support for the use of teachers as change agents, has long been at the forefront of the global campaign to indoctrinate children with UN globalist values. Part of this globalist campaign involved restructuring the curriculum to ‘dumb-down’ the children so they would be more amenable. Unlike Australia, the US, under president Donald Trump, has withdrawn from UNESCO.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Although most rational people and team players realise “unity is strength”, the entire philosophy of the United Nations is to divide, and celebrate ‘diversity’. Diversity, separatism, and fragmentation are of course the pathway to chaos. The entire UN philosophy though, is based upon discrimination, segregation, and dividing society into stereotyped groups, or minority groups, on the basis of ethnicity, culture, sexuality, religion etc. This type of belief system is being used to destroy unity in society, in education and amongst our children, and even in the armed forces.

Although “unity is strength”, our politicians are doing their best to help the UN destroy that strength and cohesion, destroy the team, and destroy the team spirit. In Australia social cohesion is breaking down as minority groups are encouraged to conflict with the wider community.

Full report: https://saltbushclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/un-education.pdf [PDF, 213 KB].

6 thoughts on “UN Indoctrination”

  1. Charlotte T. Iserbyt, in charge of the US education department for two years, wrote ‘The deliberate dumming down of America’ to revealt that the education of students was being degraded to help it conform with that of the USSR.

    The US state exams were sabotaged by making them confusing so that a national system could be imposed. The national system focused on compliance with government plans rather than students’ performance. This system has been exported to Australia.

  2. It is utterly unethical to use schoolchildren as frontline troops to spread propaganda. Imagine the leftist response if Saltbush Club staged a similar school-hour protest.

    Perhaps Saltbush Club should find a new education niche and indoctrinate pre-school kids but I suspect that is already happening.

    Did anyone apologise for misleading the school students who supported the ‘hole in the ozone layer’ scare during the Freon Fraud?

  3. Now that the school kids’climate event has occurred, the organisers must ensure that the millions of participants are notified when it is discovered that solar cycles, not CO2 are responsible for Global warming/cooling.

  4. And the system is so sparse of truly thorough investigative techniques, the best one country of scientists can come up with is to nominate a 16 yr old for a Nobel peace price….Dumbing Down?!

  5. Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize? What has the 16 year-old done to create peace? Would she return the prize and its money if it becomes obvious that the sun is responsible for climate change, not CO2

  6. As Alex Newman points out, schools are being converted from educational centres to indoctrination centres. It has been suggested that even kindergarten children should be considered activists or ‘agents of change’ for the UN global agenda.
    Commonwealth and state governments are busy embedding the UNs sustainable development goals throughout the education system. One of those goals relates to climate change, another to renewable energy, and another to education, including global citizenship education. In other words, the children must now be educated with UN globalist values, not Australian values.
    This is the bold new world being created for us by our politicians, a world of total subservience to the UN, and the dictators who are so prominent in the UN.

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