The Naked Truth of Agenda 21

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Agenda 21 stands as a comprehensive blueprint for action to be taken globally — from now into the twenty-first century — by Governments, United Nations organizations, development agencies, non-governmental organizations and independent-sector groups, in every area in which human activity impacts on the environment.”

Ros Kelly, introducing AG21 to Australia, Australian Parliament, Wednesday, 26 May 1993, Hansard Page: 951
“Agenda 21 is a truly massive document—40 chapters covering matters as diverse as poverty, population, technology transfer, consumption patterns, forests, freshwater, pollution avoidance, transboundary air pollution, and radioactive waste. It is a blueprint or set of guidelines, not just for individual countries but, importantly, for the entire United Nations system as well as for individuals and organisations of every size and type. Australia contributed significantly to its preparation and negotiations. The adoption of agenda 21 at the Rio summit marks an important step in global cooperation on environment and development matters…… The recommendations of agenda 21 cover a wide range of issues and responsibilities for implementation, cutting across virtually every Commonwealth and State government agency as well as local government and the non-government sector”

NSW Parliament

The Hon. I. COHEN [5.17 p.m.]: “The Greens welcome this progressive bill and congratulate the Minister for Local Government on its introduction. The bill is consistent with principles of the Australian Greens charter and the constitution of the Greens New South Wales…….

Agenda 21 stands as a comprehensive blueprint for action to be taken globally from now into the twenty-first century by governments, United Nations organisations, development agencies, non-governmental organisations, and independent sector groups in every area where human activity impacts on the environment.”

1997, UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, :
annan“Failure to act now to implement Agenda 21 could damage the planet irreversibly, unleashing a spiral of increased hunger, deprivation, disease and squalor….. Stressing that Agenda 21 was unprecedented, he said Member States must act in ‘unprecedented ways to implement it’.”

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  1. Have Australian voters had any input regarding this International issue? Ha, I’m only kidding! Australians never have any influence on international matters and the major parties always have identical positions regarding international issues.

  2. Mr. Williamson,


    Conspiracy promoters like Deborah Tavares falsely claim that Agenda 21 is a U.N plan to expand the wilderness into areas already occupied by humans so as drive us out of our rural and suburban homes and into tightly-packed, over-populated “Kill Cities” in furtherance of the planned extinction of mankind. But, none of this is so.

    Agenda 21 was merely a suggestion that the United Nations recommended to all its member nations in 1992. Member nations were permitted, but not required to adopt Agenda 21 for themselves.

    Under the United States Constitution, both the President and the Senate must consent to a proposed international treaty or convention before it becomes law in the United States. While the President ceremonially signed Agenda 21, the Senate withheld its consent to Agenda 21. As a result, the United States government REJECTED Agenda 21 almost 30 years ago, a fact which conspiracy promoters fraudulently conceal from their followers.

    That means Agenda 21 never applied in the United States and does not apply in the United States now. So, whatever Agenda 21 “would have done” if it not been REJECTED is completely irrelevant. It was REJECTED.

    Likewise so-called “Agenda 21 Map” is entirely FAKE and had nothing to do with Agenda 21 in the first place. Instead, the fake “Agenda 21 Map” was a wild exaggeration created by Michael Coffman to generate United States Senate opposition to “The U.N. Treaty On Bio-Diversity”, something entirely different from Agenda 21. (This is why the fake map only depicts the United States, rather than all member nations of the United Nations.), As it turned out, the United States Senate also rejected The U.N. Treaty On Bio-Diversity. So, neither Agenda 21 nor The U.N. Treaty On Bio-Diversity (which the fake “Agenda 21 Map” allegedly illustrated) ever applied in the United States. BOTH WERE REJECTED.

    The mere fact that some elected local governments have since passed regulations to protect the remaining environment has NOTHING to do with Agenda 21. These elected local governments merely concluded (entirely on their own) that some protection of the environmental made sense.

    FOR PROOF, CLICK ON POST #5 HERE. REMEMBER, POST #5 HERE. Google “The Hoaxes Of Deborah Tavares”, or click here.

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