Former BHP chairman launches fightback against renewable energy ‘madness’

From 23/11/2018

Former BHP chairman Jerry Ellis has formed a new lobby group to highlight the huge costs and “unproven benefits” of renewable energy policies.

The Saltbush Club has been launched with 200 founding members, including scientists, mayors, company directors, public servants and even former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman.

Mr Ellis tells Alan Jones it’s a “public relations exercise” that is aiming to “change the public point of view on this”.

He says it’s not Labor policies that are the issue, it’s all politicians.

“The sad thing is it’s the result of a total lack of balance in the debate on this subject.

“The blind following of so-called environmental objectives with an absence of any consideration for its economic impact.

“And it’s just madness.

“What’s troubling is, that is not debated.

“The impact of the CO2 mantra and the objectives being pursued by all politicians are not balanced against their economic impact.”

Interview with Alan Jones:

5 thoughts on “Former BHP chairman launches fightback against renewable energy ‘madness’”

  1. This sounds promising, but I hope Mr Ellis understands what he is up against – talking to thousands of leftist journalists acting as the priesthood of CAGW, who will selectively quote or ignore anything that he says as propaganda to reinforce the self-belief of hundreds of thousands of religious converts none of which want to believe anything that threatens their cozy parallel universe.

    Only President Trump has got this figured out – use Twitter to bypass the MSM and talk directly to his 50 million + supporters, and let the MSM quote the tweets or have nothing to report except the unsupported opinions of other Lefties.

    Pushing the economic impact of ‘green’ policies on the ordinary voter is probably a good idea – especially in terms of how much is being and will be paid by the unwitting public by hidden taxes like the LRET – north of $2 billion a year and rising added to our domestic electricity bills to provide a roughly 100% subsidy on every megawatt of unreliable power delivered by every commercial windmill and solar farm, just for a start. This is the most insidious and treacherous ‘tax that is not a tax’ that one could imagine (and IMHO may not constitutional), and most people have not got a clue that they are even paying it!

    Please let me know if I can help in any way.

  2. The ship is turning.

    In the previous few days I have met several people unknown to me that are aware of the timeline chart demonstrating that the ancient Egyptians, Romans, medievals had a warmer climate. They were pleased to discuss the topic in general and I suggested they visit this website.

    To spread an idea, whisper it. They more that you promote an idea the more that the recipient will oppose it . It you state it quietly the recipient will eventually believe it is their own idea.

    In the local pub, quietly mention that you have seen the the timeline chart, once. Even the local ‘resentful git’ who overseas the local pub conversation, according to the lowest common denominator, will need to think about it before organising the groupthink mediocrities to attack you. There are few pubs where thinking is not regarded as an ‘antisocial activity’.

  3. A question that should be asked of all ALP, Greens and Independent Federal Election Candidates

    With an energy policy to have 50% of electricity provided by renewables by 2030.

    If by the 10am on 2nd of July 2030, you have been successful and you have solar rooftop and solar farms providing 35% of electricity and windfarms providing 15% of electricity. And all the coal fired power stations have been closed or are no longer serviceable, what will be generating the other 50% of base load electricity that will be required?

    Further at 9pm on the 2nd of July 2030 when the solar rooftop panels and the solar farms are producing zero electricity, what will be generating the other 85% of base load electricity that will be required?

  4. We won’t need any base load power. By then, our manufacturing capacity will be destroyed. Problem solved!

    If I remember it correctly, a BHP advertisement quoted Stalin as saying that a nation without a steel industry is not a nation. Even tyrants can be correct sometimes.

    If Australia fails it will become much easier to dissolve it into the Asia-Pacific region for the benefit of the international financiers who want to claim a percentage of the inter-regional trade between large global regions. I recall the downcast faces of TV journalists during the Asian financial crisis when they discovered that Australia was not being dissolved into Asia because it was too successful there.

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