Sea levels in and around Sydney Harbour 1886 to 2018

By Dr G M Derrick

Executive Summary

  1. There has been NO significant sea level rise in the harbour for the past 120 years, and what little there has been is about the height of a matchbox over a century.
  2. Along the northern beaches of Sydney, at Collaroy there has been no suggestion of any sea level rise there for the past 140 years. Casual observations from Bondi Beach 1875 to the present also suggest the same benign situation.
  3. A rush to judgement by local councils and State Governments by legislating harsh laws and building covenants along our coastlines now seems misplaced.
  4. The falsehoods and mendacity of the IPCC and climate alarmists should be rejected out of hand, and efforts be made to ensure that science, not propaganda, defines our school curricula in matters of climate and sea levels

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4 thoughts on “Sea levels in and around Sydney Harbour 1886 to 2018”

  1. I agree entirely with your comment about Climate change, personally I see it as a fraudulent assessment of what climate is all about.

    Why isn’t the media and Government giving out the true scientific facts about climate. One only has to view the evidence of climate records, of bush fire records in this country alone, not to mention the research by scientists at the North Pole that has shown climate has changed on earth since time began.

    I see the current stance of those who believe we are going through a climate change that will last for ever more is for financial gain.

    I was told recently by an elderly gentleman that his grandson of 4 years of age visited him and said “Grandpa we are all going to die” when pressed why he believed this his grandson said “The ice caps are melting and the sea is going to flood the land and drown us all” and when asked who had told him this his Grandson said “My kindergarten teacher.”

    We both believe that this is not the right and proper thing to saying to children of that age or any age for that matter. I personally read everything I can about both sides of the argument and there is in my view far more evidence that the earth is currently going through another climate cycle. Yes we have to put up with the current drought and heatwave conditions here in Australia but that will change in time after all nature and climate does not go in a straight line as some would have us believe it goes in cycles.

  2. Most people don’t understand – our so called educated crowd, are not educated at all – they are opinionated dorks, their education of the last 30 years has been a lie, they are propagandists. End of story.

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