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        1. But I saw a straight line in his video? I thought it was all about spheres and circles…and tree rings, don’t forget the tree rings.
          I didn’t see him mention the pollution of the last, what, 172 years.

      1. You don’t have to have worked for anyone, just listen and understand you have been played by Al Gore and all the left.
        They just want your money.

    1. Peter Temple
      Peter Temple
      Futurist, Market Analyst, , helping executives and entrepreneurs understand cycles and how they affect the economy, specific businesses, climate, social mood, trends, and a host of other important aspects of the economic landscape.

      Marketing/advertising executive, past-president and managing partner in Canada’s largest retail advertising agency. Focus on marketing, presentations, and television-related media.

 Accounts: the Bay, Westin Hotels, Zales Jewelers, Petro-Canada, Gulf Oil, Revelstoke.

      Development team and consultant on initial public offerings for Westjet Airlines, Pengrowth Management, Big Rock Breweries, Enerplus, ARC Financial, and more …

      International award-winning writer/producer/director for corporate and commercial television. Worked for many years with Canada’s largest retailers (including, McDonalds, Sears, the Bay) and multinational energy companies (including Petro-Canada, Shell, Husky Energy, Fluor Canada, Alberta Government) to develop and produce internal and external video-based communication.

      Designed video-based training programs for the Petro-Canada retail and farm network over a period of ten years.

      Past Creative Director at CFCN Television, Calgary (CTV Network). Past Communication Manager, Western Canada at Imperial Oil.

      Visionary entrepreneur, founding communication companies focused on corporate marketing and advertising. Speech writing, script writing, corporate training program development, coached leaders to excel in the spotlight.

      Past speaker/trainer with National Seminars, the largest public seminar company in the US, training a variety of programs on leadership and communication for business. He has been speaking professionally for over six years.

      Worked with Leslie Nielsen, Sir Peter Ustinov, Peter Mansbridge, Walter Cronkite, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Joe Vitale, Les Hewitt, , Jarome Iginla, Ron MacLean, three Miss Canadas, three Alberta Premiers, and many other well-known US and Canadian actors and personalities.

      B.A.A. in Radio and Television, Ryerson University and member of Mensa Canada.

      Specialties:Presentation Strategist, corporate television and live presentations.

      Current Affiliations:

      Member Mensa Canada
      CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) – Past member of national board, past president of Calgary Chapter
      Toastmasters Past President (ATM-Gold – Advanced Toastmaster Gold) – multiple awards for speaking and evaluating
      Calgary Chamber of Commerce
      SAIT Southern Institute of Technology Multimedia Advisory Board

  1. Data don’t lie. Business background is not germane, there are many studies in the scientific literature that demonstrate climate cycles. Might start with Lamb, 1995, Climate History and the Modern World.

  2. Peter Temple is a futurist, analyst and communicator. He doesn’t have to be an astro-physicist himself, to present scientifically established facts. That’s all he is doing here.

    Climate alarmists are post-modern scientists who want to throw out centuries of research and millions of years of proxy data available through geology, ice cores, tree rings, sediments and so on, and instead create computer projections based on their theory that CO2 is the primary climate data.

    They have continued their climate scare despite knowing the facts presented in this video, despite knowing that CO2 has a logarithmic diminishing impact on warming, and despite knowing their models have an inability to hindcast climate, and have already been proved to be wrong predicting climate.

    I don’t have any climate science credentials. I am an economist specialising in econometrics which means I have an ability to read and interpret data, and projections better than your average climate scientist.

    There is an extremely poor correlation between atmospheric CO2 and global temperature in the past. It seems the modern crop of climate scientists are determined to ignore the cycles that astro-physicists have known about since the early 1900’s.

    They refuse to give solar activity any prominence in their climate models because they have an inability to recognise anything beyond simplistic short term correlations they want to see.

    Climate alarmists have sacrificed normal scientific investigation and scepticism on the alter of the ideology which binds all the climate activists together. That ideology is pro globalisation and increased government control over production and income. There is a central belief that humans are a cancer on Earth which must be controlled and the best way to do that is through centralised controll.

    The climate scare gives the excuse for a wide group of activists to come together with the aim of controlling the global economy by dictating global resource use, global taxation and global income redistribution.

    The United Nations is the designated body which is largely funded by the West, but voting is controlled by the more numerous non-western developing nations. Provided those in power keep the developing nations happy by doling out money from the West including that raised from carbon credits, and promoting other globalist agendas such as the UN Migration Pact, they will be able to achieve their agenda.

    Even though they know that it will soon start being clear to the public that the previous fears over global temperatures will not accentuate despite rising CO2, they have maintained control of the narrative by changing the issue from ‘Global Warming’, to ‘Climate Change’. This allows them to blame any severe weather event on atmospheric CO2 even as global temperatures might fall.

    One way the establishment have tried to hide the fact that temperatures aren’t following previous predictions is by ‘adjusting’ the official temperature data series. But they can’t do that forever, which is why they have started placing more emphasis unnaturally occurring severe weather events.

    Australian political parties such as the Australian Conservatives and One Nation include in their policy agendas, independent commissions to investigate climate change and the temperature records. It can’t happen soon enough.

    1. Ah so this is a politically motivated spiel. A-huh I got it. I got a neighbour like you. He’s quite deluded as well.

    2. Your remarks are as clear and coherent as can be. Yet you are the only one in this battle of comments to see the origins of the whole scenario and who is intending what by this. The original IPCC-data have been debunked about a year ago as pure lies and the guy who put them in the media has paid millions of Dollars as a fine.
      Humanity seems to me sometimes as dumb as water, not able to start thinking by themselves: no knowledge, lots of persuasion, that is the general archetype of their behaviour.
      I wouldn’t care if the consequences of their stupidity wouldn’t hit me too, just a few years ahead!

    3. You are a very intelligent man with a lot of opinions on display here. You seem bent on viewing this as a conservative vs liberal topic even though you don’t literally come out and say those words. Instead you speak of climate alarmists. Comical.

      Most humans in positions of extreme power don’t give a crap about our present or future health or the long-term health of this planet, our only home!

      The game is just about always money and power, so why not admit that upfront and come to grips with these simple facts…if those with the power cared about us or this home planet, people in many countries wouldn’t have already been wearing masks for years, just so they could take to the streets for a walk or a trip to the store. If profit weren’t one of the two kings, more sustainable forms of energy would’ve been allowed to exist/compete with the environmentally crushing oil and coal industries…and eventually come out on top. Alternate energy technologies have existed for years, but the oil industry in particular has done everything in its power to crush those cleaner technologies beginning decades ago.

  3. So economists, futurists, analysts and communicators are better weather predictors than meteorologists and climate scientists? Economists cant even predict the economy let alone the climate. Stick to your area of expertise buddy and stop talking crap.

    1. Craig I’m not sure where you live, but the meteorologists there must be a lot better at predicting weather than they are around here… One comment I will make is that if you honestly believe educated people can’t think for themselves, that my friend is asinine.

      1. That’s not what Craig said. He said Peter Temple has zero authority to comment on climate science, much less contradict 120 years of established research. And Peter Temple’s very own biography bears this out. Temple is just another media charlatan who spouts nonsense on a topic he is clearly clueless on.

        1. so do you dispute the data he presented? Instead of denigrating his “credentials”, why don’ t you offer some critique of the theory he presents.

    2. Hey, Craig. So tell me us your credentials to show us that you aren’t out of your area of expertise and aren’t talking crap that you’ve been indoctrinated with for the past 20 years.

      Ever notice that none of the predictions that Al Gore and his ilk have cone true about the catastrophic effects of global warming ?

      Do a little research, bro.

      1. Roy, What???? None of the catastrophic effects have happened? You must have your head in the sand to not know about more powerful hurricanes, increased flooding, rising seas, droughts, disappearing glaciers…upon whose water many millions rely, disappearing arctic ice thereby decreasing the albedo and increasing absorption of sun’s heat.

        To claim that climate scientists have ignored the past as did previous writers, is bogus. The past is included in the development of the models they use to predict the future. Warming has never occurred so rapidly.

        Most of the predictions are in the process of coming true. And because of deniers like you, there isn’t much we can do about preventing worse at this late date.

  4. Roy, dont be dim. Craig clicked on the link above which gives you Peter Temple’s bio. He then made the very logical observation that Peter Temple, as an economist and “futurist” – whatever that is- is clearly not qualified to make pronouncements that concern climate science, especially when said pronouncements contradict the experts in the field of climate science. So to answer your question what are Craig’s credentials, the answer is he can read and use a bit of deductive reasoning and critical thinking.

    Your comments on Al Gore are irrelevant. Al Gore is, like Peter Temple, not a climate scientist, so ignore them both.

    1. So, the same computer models that can not accurately predict what the weather will be next week yet alone next month, can accurately predict that we are all doomed in 30 years due to excessive CO2 emissions? If the facts were so carved in stone, then ask yourself this; why isn’t Al Gore and all the climatistas buying up real estate in Nova Scotia about a 1/4 mile inland? 30 years from now it will be primo real estate worth a fortune. The new Miami Beach! There is a small but growing body of climatologists that are publishing and writing that man is having little to no impact on the climate. Peter is right, it’s scare tactics and it’s about money and power.

  5. I bet that the old climate alarmists are the same frantic souls that were Y2K alarmists 20 years ago. Have they learned nothing since they last ate big doses of HUMBLE PIE.

  6. Goodness ! Vitriol comes cheap and plentiful when you question the belief system of the “Climate Change Acolytes” doesn’t it !
    Peter Temple presented facts ! Yes, he did so rather well and rather convincingly.
    That doesn’t require ANY science degrees or knowledge of meteorology or even
    the newly minted “Climate Science” [which is a cobbled-together bunch of computer nerds as best as I can determine-who have NEVER been correct in any of their threats….er…..predictions ! Florida and the Maldives are still above water when I last heard about them ! Should have been submerged by sea-level rise by now …..if the threats…..er…. the predictions were accurate don’t you think ?].
    The research team led by Dr Raymond Wheeler determined that there were major climate cycles every 172 years and produced a graph which supported the thesis
    AND IMPORTANTLY matched the empirical evidence ( facts ! ).
    Astrophysicists attribute it to the Sun and planetary effects and this seems acceptable to me. Why can’t you open your mind to the possibility that there is no real problem , that it is NOT man-made and that , just as before , it will resolve itself no matter what we do ?
    Of course you WOULD then have to find a new “cause” or religion wouldn’t you !
    How about joining a Lions Club and doing some good for others ?

    1. Being susceptible to a salesman only demonstrates the ease of accepting packaged propaganda. Our advice is you would be better served to independently research the claims made by Temple; train your mind in critical thinking

  7. “Useful idiots” said Joseph Stalin, the patron saint of today’s progressives. These useful idiots are with us today as they were back then and like those of that time, they lack the insight and understanding to make proper sense of the things going on around them. They are unable to realize how they are being manipulated to accept the lies that will surrender their liberty to the power seeking tyrants that are the progressive left. It’s all about political power and a scheme to surrender your sovereignty to a centralized power.

  8. While anecdotal it is interesting that President Obama just spent millions on a waterfront property on Martha’s Vineyard. Wonder what he knows.

  9. If you go into paleontology, it looks worse. 2 million years ago the sun went thru a major change. The Average global climate went from the normal 68 – 74 Deg. F to the current 50 to 58 degrees. This has been in the form of a series of ice ages. There have been 20 cycles of ice age with each lasting about 100,000 years The most recent ice age cycle began 100,000 years ago. We are at a point where one of two things is going to happen.
    The best option would be for the earth to return to the Normal (normal average over the last 500,000 years) temperature.
    The other option is cycle 21 of Ice Age. I believe that the Maunder Minimum and all of the other cycling is the beginning of the cycle 21 of Ice Age.
    I have done significant research into this.

  10. It’s apparent by reading every comment made that there will never be compromise or acknowledging the other point of view. Just look at what’s happened in the past 3 years! It’s easier to denigrate and attack the person you don’t agree with versus doing some research to find facts to support one’s point of view. Unfortunately, that trait seems to be well honed by the progressives. Attacking Temple’s background was/is the easy way out.
    I’m going to look for Temple’s critics to be Astrophysicists and for sure will not be meteorologists. I can tell you one thing….Al Gore? Uhmmm, I never put much stock in anything he’s ever done or said.

  11. It seems to me that this conversation has overlooked a significant actor in this climate movie. Peter Temple’s presentation is a decent representation of what Dr. Raymond Wheeler’s research and analysis teams derived. However, any modelling for the prediction of future climate, based on Wheeler’s work would require inclusion of any and all perturbations to the atmosphere such as the current man-made pollution, a significant effect. The fact that Temple ignored any possible perturbations to the observed cycles makes his conclusion non-effective for future predictions.

    Incidentally, in my opinion, his comment on temperature going “straight up” is not very well thought out.

  12. A sound argument is built on premises that are relevant and true. The evidence for climate cycles is strong and they are accepted as fact. But they are irrelevant to the current period of climate change being experienced. NOAA and NASA have excellent tools for acquiring climate data and teams of competent scientists that analyse and build models from this data. Listen to what they say. Much of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere originated in fossil fuels and the atmospheric CO2 level is at unprecedented levels, up from 0.035 in 1995 to 0.0412 at present.
    Much of the solar energy incident on the atmosphere and the Earth’s surface is reflected back into space. The infrared end of the spectrum (heat) of reflected radiation is intercepted and absorbed by CO2 molecules, and this raises the temperature of the atmosphere. More CO2, higher temperatures. A higher atmospheric temperatures will force more heat into space, and the temperature will stabilise when solar heat received equals heat reflected back into space (equilibrium). But if CO2 levels continue to rise equilbrium will not be achieved, so atmospheric temperature will continue to rise and inflict increasing levels of discomfort and damage to life on Earth (including us humans).
    This process is independent from all of the cycles that we have experienced in the past. These are irrelevant to what is currently occurring in the atmosphere. The Sun is there 24/7 for as long as this planet lasts. It mercilessly bathes the Earth in its radiation and comfort of the inhabitants of the Earth will not be improved while ever they cause a disparity between the amount of solar radiation received by the Earth and what is reflected back into space.
    That is one part of the process. The other is concerned with how much CO2 the Earth can absorb or convert into oxygen. We have been clearing forest at an ever increasing rate. Forest is trees, 3-dimensional chlorophyll (compared with the 2-dimensions of grass and zero dimension of concrete). We have significantly reduced the ability of the planet to convert CO2 into O2.
    Here is a link to the NASA website, ‘https://climate.nasa.gov/evidence/’, and if more of you read this stuff instead of listening to the biased opinions of pseudo scientists, futurists, spokespersons and lobbyists for the fossil fuel brigade, you would be far better informed.
    No doubt most if not all of you have mobile phones. The technology required to build these and all of the other hi-tech things and medical knowledge that we happily relate to, took over 2000 years to evolve: from thinkers and scientists continually building on the knowledge and science of other thinkers and scientists. The population of scientists on this planet has never been greater, and neither has their ability or competence. Their is no reason whatsoever to doubt their discoveries nor ignore the advice that they offer. Their is good reason to ignore and discard the garbage that issues from The World Climate Institute, its disciples and peers.

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