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  1. Data don’t lie. Business background is not germane, there are many studies in the scientific literature that demonstrate climate cycles. Might start with Lamb, 1995, Climate History and the Modern World.

  2. Peter Temple is a futurist, analyst and communicator. He doesn’t have to be an astro-physicist himself, to present scientifically established facts. That’s all he is doing here.

    Climate alarmists are post-modern scientists who want to throw out centuries of research and millions of years of proxy data available through geology, ice cores, tree rings, sediments and so on, and instead create computer projections based on their theory that CO2 is the primary climate data.

    They have continued their climate scare despite knowing the facts presented in this video, despite knowing that CO2 has a logarithmic diminishing impact on warming, and despite knowing their models have an inability to hindcast climate, and have already been proved to be wrong predicting climate.

    I don’t have any climate science credentials. I am an economist specialising in econometrics which means I have an ability to read and interpret data, and projections better than your average climate scientist.

    There is an extremely poor correlation between atmospheric CO2 and global temperature in the past. It seems the modern crop of climate scientists are determined to ignore the cycles that astro-physicists have known about since the early 1900’s.

    They refuse to give solar activity any prominence in their climate models because they have an inability to recognise anything beyond simplistic short term correlations they want to see.

    Climate alarmists have sacrificed normal scientific investigation and scepticism on the alter of the ideology which binds all the climate activists together. That ideology is pro globalisation and increased government control over production and income. There is a central belief that humans are a cancer on Earth which must be controlled and the best way to do that is through centralised controll.

    The climate scare gives the excuse for a wide group of activists to come together with the aim of controlling the global economy by dictating global resource use, global taxation and global income redistribution.

    The United Nations is the designated body which is largely funded by the West, but voting is controlled by the more numerous non-western developing nations. Provided those in power keep the developing nations happy by doling out money from the West including that raised from carbon credits, and promoting other globalist agendas such as the UN Migration Pact, they will be able to achieve their agenda.

    Even though they know that it will soon start being clear to the public that the previous fears over global temperatures will not accentuate despite rising CO2, they have maintained control of the narrative by changing the issue from ‘Global Warming’, to ‘Climate Change’. This allows them to blame any severe weather event on atmospheric CO2 even as global temperatures might fall.

    One way the establishment have tried to hide the fact that temperatures aren’t following previous predictions is by ‘adjusting’ the official temperature data series. But they can’t do that forever, which is why they have started placing more emphasis unnaturally occurring severe weather events.

    Australian political parties such as the Australian Conservatives and One Nation include in their policy agendas, independent commissions to investigate climate change and the temperature records. It can’t happen soon enough.

    1. Ah so this is a politically motivated spiel. A-huh I got it. I got a neighbour like you. He’s quite deluded as well.

  3. So economists, futurists, analysts and communicators are better weather predictors than meteorologists and climate scientists? Economists cant even predict the economy let alone the climate. Stick to your area of expertise buddy and stop talking crap.

    1. Craig I’m not sure where you live, but the meteorologists there must be a lot better at predicting weather than they are around here… One comment I will make is that if you honestly believe educated people can’t think for themselves, that my friend is asinine.

    2. Hey, Craig. So tell me us your credentials to show us that you aren’t out of your area of expertise and aren’t talking crap that you’ve been indoctrinated with for the past 20 years.

      Ever notice that none of the predictions that Al Gore and his ilk have cone true about the catastrophic effects of global warming ?

      Do a little research, bro.

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