Human Sacrifice to the Climate Gods

97% of Aztec priests thought human sacrifice was necessary to end bad weather.

aztec sacrifice

Things are much the same today.

Climate skeptic Tony Heller of Real Climate Science has pointed out parallels between Aztec sacrifices to stop bad weather and the modern global warming movement’s efforts to appease the CO​ 2​ gods. In 1450, Aztec priests encouraged people to sacrifice blood to the gods to end severe drought that was decimating corn crops. They ended up sacrificing thousands of people in a few weeks.

Heller quipped, “Like the Aztecs, many scientists believe that sacrificial offerings are necessary to stabilize climate. But there are some key differences. 1. Aztecs correctly believed that the climate was controlled by the moods of the Sun. Modern climate scientists have not progressed that far yet. 2. Aztec priests believed that only a small percentage of the population needed to be sacrificed, whereas the modern priests believe that everyone (except for themselves) needs to sacrifice.”

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change, Marc Morano, Chapter 16.

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