Stop The Climate Stupidity

This is a presentation by David Archibald. Here are some of his conclusions:

  1. Yes the world has warmed and this was mostly due to the highest level of solar activity for 10,000 years. Most likely outcome is that we return to the climate of the 19 th century.
  2. Carbon dioxide is tuckered out as a greenhouse gas and its effect from here is minuscule.
  3. The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere got dangerously low during the last ice age and the higher we can take it, the safer the world will be.
  4. There is no scientific reason to switch away from coal and other fossil fuels.

Just one of the many charts in the presentation:

Read the full document: [PDF, 5 MB]

An oil geologist by background, David has been retained as an expert witness in petroleum geology and hot strip mills in steelworks in the Supreme Court of NSW.

In climate science he has published books and papers and lectured in both the US Senate and Congressional hearing rooms.

He has done much research into the data and trends in solar cycles and modern global temperatures.

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