Defrock the Wind Industry


DeFrock will be publishing correspondence, discussions and notes of direct experiences country Australians have had in dealing with the wind farm Commissioner. A wide systemic show of public neglect and ruthless dismissal of many wind farm complaints has led Andrew Chapman to write an email which supports people he knows in his community that are being negatively impacted by wind turbines.

This email sent to the Commissioner, expresses much needed compassion and support towards the neighbours of wind energy projects being left in a state of abandonment. Those who remain unprotected from the nuisance noise and vibrations causing them direct physical harm.

Commissioner accomplish these acts and show duty of care towards the suffering people in the rural communities being inundated with larger, more impacting turbines;

  • acknowledge the industry is damaging country Australians health,
  • force the industry to correct the safety and health issues;
  • prevent harm and home abandonment;
  • and create adequate compensation for those being harmed and forced from their homes.

Sent: Friday, 7 December 2018 4:19 PM
To: ‘National Wind Farm Commissioner’
Subject: RE: Woolcock Institute of Medical Research – looking for participants [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Dear Leigh Barker,

I’m not the slightest bit interested in participating in the Office of the National Wind Farm Commissioner’s tokenistic research which just keeps the gravy train going on and on.

I live in South Gippsland and numerous people I know who live near wind farms have been suffering from the low frequency noise for many years and I feel sorry for them. When they tell me what is happening to them I believe what they say and also readily understand the technical reasons why what they say is true. They have been abused by the very government departments that should be protecting them. The wind industry’s deceptive nonsense diminishing the significance of wind farm noise and its denial of the negative effects on people defies belief. What is worse is that public health officials pander to the wind industry and join with it to deny the seriousness of the harm caused to them. To think that I would volunteer to further the bullshit that comes from the renewable energy obsessed public service when my friends are suffering just shows how removed from reality and deluded you are.

Prior to the formation of the Office of the National Wind Farm Commissioner information about the harm caused by wind farm noise on nearby residents was readily available. Your office has been in existence for some time now, submissions received, studies carried out, reports done and yet the suffering still goes on. How much money has your office consumed to date and what really has it achieved other than to further its own interests.


Andrew Chapman

One thought on “Defrock the Wind Industry”

  1. Coal first (No subsidies and dependable )

    Solar – a good idea but how long do the panels last. And, no sun = no power (eg SAust)

    Wind Power – Good in Bass Strait, but rattle to bits and need Big Subsidy.

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