Tsunami of Evidence

Another full moon, another associated high tide, another solar cycle of gravitational stresses on the Earth’s crust, another major sub-sea earthquake in Indonesia, another volcanic eruption as Krakatoa poured another toxic mix of stuff into the sky – and another tsunami.

And for every surface volcano, there are dozens of sub-sea eruptions pouring heat and chemicals into the sea.

There is a strong correlation in this sequence of natural events.

But man-made carbon dioxide has no effect whatever on the powerful internal forces which constantly change surface conditions on this restless planet.

Politicians may huff and puff, but they cannot control the climate – all they can do is blow down our power stations. Are they stupid, or are we stupid to vote for them?

The Paris ‘agreement’ is duplicitous nonsense. Future generations of historians will marvel at the madness that marked the end of the second millennium.

The ocean-bed search for the missing Malaysian airliner revealed enormous underwater chasms that put the Grand Canyon to shame.

The dreadful Sumatran Tsunami on Boxing Day 2004 was triggered by another full moon and a consequent massive sub-sea land slip.

We must learn to live with the climate using reliable, cheap power – we cannot control it.

And we should stop wasting money on trying to prove global warming myths.

John McRobert
Indooroopilly Q

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One thought on “Tsunami of Evidence”

  1. I regularly visit my Astronomy Lab program which displays a simple planetarium displaying the Sun, Moon and planets. When the Sun, Moon and Earth are in near alignment then the tidal pressure triggers earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. The link with eclipses has been know back to the Aztecs.

    I have contacted the media many times during the last thirty years to mention this phenomena to alert them to the likelihood of aftershocks where recent earthquakes have occurred but was usually told that it “was not a news story” probably because it is difficult to determine where an earthquake will occur even though one seems imminent.

    On one occasion I phoned a news room to mention that I had called them an hour earlier warning about earthquakes and since then their latest news report mentioned an earthquake. An amazing coincidence.

    The New Scientist magazine published an article a few years ago confirming that the intensity of earthquakes increases according to Earth/Sun/Moon alignments.

    The solar/lunar tidal pressure on the earth is also responsible for earthquake lights in the sky, misidentified as UFOs and I suspect causes the appearance of long columns of clouds that are not shaped by winds but by the Earth’s magnetic field. These seem more prevalent when there is a full moon (Moon and Sun are opposite Earth) and no Moon (Moon and Sun are together on same side of Earth). I recall watching an eclipse and long cloud columns a few years ago and mentioned to others that an earthquake was likely. The next day an earthquake was reported at Peterborough in South Australia.

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