Water Wasters

The Lifeblood of our Nation is Being Sucked Dry by Green Vampires.

By Ron Pike
December 2018

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Not content with emptying most of the dams in the north of New South Wales under the pretext of maintaining “environmental flows”, and failing to store available water under the guise of “translucent flows,” the Green bureaucrats managing our lifeblood are now in the process of emptying our major dams in the south.

Hume Dam, the only dam on the Murray River and the major source of water for the whole Murray Valley, is now down to 40% of capacity (13th Dec 2018) and dropping rapidly.

Hume Dam

This vital storage provides the critical lifeblood for the huge productive area that stretches from the Hume Dam to the lakes in South Australia.

This whole area now has zero allocations of water for annual irrigated crops (our food) this growing season.

This has not happened because of drought, and not because of insufficient stored water at the start of the season.

This has happened because “Green Vampires” have been given access to our water – “The Peoples Lifeblood.”

For day after day in recent weeks these “Bloodsuckers” have been gobbling up between 15,000 and 21,000 MLs of water every day to flood and likely kill river red gums and then just left to run to waste into the sea.

During this man-made flooding event or so-called “environmental flow,” over half a million megalitres of water has been wasted over the last six weeks). If this water had been used to grow say rice, it would have been much more beneficial to the environment and would have produced 500,000 tonnes of paddy rice generating economic activity of over one billion dollars in the Murray Valley (from figures produced by the NSW Irrigators Council using data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics).

What this environmentally ignorant policy has done is not only wipe out this years’ production of summer crops, but is now increasingly likely to wipe out much of next year’s crops as well. (If it pours all summer all bets are off, but with the Snowy storage down to 27% as of today next year’s crop is still threatened.

For weeks on end at least 10,000 ML per day of water has been squandered to the green gods.

With water in the Snowy Scheme also being squandered to cover for the Government’s incompetent power policy, our food bowl could be without water for several years.

(Note: Given that we have had 7 years of mostly above average inflows to the southern storages following the 12 years of drought, the odds would now favour some more dry years. But this is Australia and we cannot predict with any accuracy).


Ron Pike.
13 December 2018

Note: “Translucent flow” is a bit of green-babble that the water bureaucrats came up with to allow them to further deplete the available water for productive use.

They argue that certain rainfall events are “natural” (I thought they all were) and if the river did not have a dam on it, the runoff from that event would have happily flowed on down the river. So when these Green Gods determine that this is a “natural runoff” they open the dam gates and let it flow through. RP

Who is Ron Pike?

Ron Pike has been involved in the politics and policy of water in Australia since he was officially the first person to irrigate his farm from the Snowy Scheme when water was delivered to Farm 1 Coleambally in 1961.

Since that time Ron has been involved in presenting better water policy outcomes to Government authorities and the Commonwealth Development Bank. Ron has spent the last ten years working with several water groups including the Australian Water Exploration Company investigating and assessing every possible water conservation project on mainland Australia. On behalf of this Group he has presented a detailed plan to both Federal and State Governments.

Ron has been an advisor or special witness to every Government inquiry into water and the MDB Plan held in the last ten years and has published many papers on Australia’s water availability and policy opportunities.

Here is a podcast of an interview Ron gave on the water wasting and restrictions:


2 thoughts on “Water Wasters”

  1. Another way the Green Goblins are putting their destructive finger prints over our agriculture and manufacturing industries. Stop the water and the crops will fail, then we will have to import our food from poor third world country’s, the grand socialist UN plan. Soon Australia will be a gross importer of the food we once produced. It doesn’t pay to be a first world country these days.


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