Come Clean on the UN COP24 Meeting in Poland

Come Clean on the UN COP24 Meeting in Poland.
By Viv Forbes

The Saltbush Club today called on the Morrison Government to come clean on what additional burdens for Australians are being discussed at COP24, the UN climate jamboree now taking place in Poland.

The Secretary of The Saltbush Club, Mr Viv Forbes of Australia, said that Australia will suffer badly from the destructive energy policies being promoted by the UN’s war on cheap, reliable hydro-carbon fuels.

“Like the Trump supporters in USA, Brexit in Britain, Solidarity in Poland, the Yellow Vests in France and the new Brazilian government we do not support the UN energy plans and we fear their hidden agenda.

“Australia’s backbone industries were built on cheap reliable power. We have huge overheads in the bureaucracy, academia and the welfare state which must be supported by real industry – mining and smelting, farming, fishing, forestry, processing, transport and manufacturing. These industries rely on hydro-carbon energy – coal, gas, oil, diesel and petrol.

“Because Australia has no nuclear or geothermal power, limited hydro potential, an aging fleet of coal generators and several bans on gas exploration, we are very vulnerable to the UN’s war on hydro-carbons.

“PM Morrison must answer three specific questions:
“Who represents Australia at COP24?
“What instructions have they been given?
“When will he report to the Australian people?

“Australia should sign nothing, agree to nothing and signal its intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

“COP24 will produce zero benefits for Earth’s climate, but their goals are economically irresponsible for those selected to pay the bills.

“The Paris Agreement they seek to enforce is negative for the Australian people, and for everyone not on the climate gravy train.”

Viv Forbes
The Saltbush Club

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3 thoughts on “Come Clean on the UN COP24 Meeting in Poland”

  1. Hi Viv,

    In this post, you have stated what ought to be our Federal Government’s actions in this matter both clearly and concisely.
    You have very likely seen my 2012 paper: “Wind Farms in Eastern Australia – recent lessons”. It is still readily available and easily found.
    My concerns expressed then, based as they were on an analysis of a calendar year’s wind farm performance data, were then, and are even more so now, given that there are now so many more of these useless, dangerous-to-the-grid machines, are that, should we continue on down the road of the mad rush to more and more renewables, driven of course by the demands of the Paris Agreement and its siblings:
    1. The Eastern Australian Grid will collapse into frequent, unpredictable, grid-wide blackouts, as is already occurring in South Australia,
    2. As a consequence, the Australian economy will be irretrievably destroyed.

    Indeed, as a consequence of the ever-escalating electricity prices being imposed on all of those of us not on the climate and renewables gravy train, and the business decisions made as a result of those prices, it may well be that (2) above is already well underway.
    Furthermore, this mad pursuit of renewables as a means of reducing CO2 emissions, is a totally futile policy.

    Keep up the good work.
    Best regards,
    Paul Miskelly

  2. Greetings

    Although we are opposed to the deluded emphasis on wind and solar power, which cannot provide the necessary levels required by the industries that produce windmills and solar panels, we should nonetheless all protect ourselves individually from the inevitable power shortages and energy prices by making ourselves self-sufficient regarding energy.

    I have been ‘off the grid’ for ten years with a minimal but sufficient system.

  3. To my Saltbush colleagues:

    So the Climate Caravan rolls on in Katowice, replete with ageing naturalists telling us the world is doomed, little children purporting to know more about climate science than, say, Professor Richard Lindzen or Ian Plimer, and now former bodybuilder, California governor and Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger telling the conference what they all want to hear – that the world should never ever had started using fossil fuels. This delusion, that civilisation began and ended with the Stone Age, suggests that Arnold should be the first paying passenger on the solar-powered plane first used in 2015, when it took 300 days longer to fly around the world than the 19th Century balloon of Phileas Fogg. We need to withdraw from the Paris Agreement now, to avoid being tarnished by the idiocy and futility on show right now in Poland.

    G M Derrick

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