Students Strike for Climate-Change

Last Friday (30 Nov 2018), 98.5% of NSW school students attended their respective schools, as normal. The other 1.5%, pre-arranged via digital-media to rally at Sydney’s Martin Place… to protest Prime Minister Morrison’s ‘Inaction on Climate Change’.

The two 14 yr-old girls who claimed to have organised the show, were ‘foaming at the mouth’ in disgust, that our PM was not doing enough to save them from a future of planet earth’s doom and gloom and destruction… from the dreaded carbon-dioxide-molecule! What utter balderdash!

As we know, CO2 is essential to plant growth… and the fellow-demonised carbon, is an an essential building block for all life-forms. We agree, land, sea and air pollution must be cleaned up. Witness the horrendous and deadly winter smogs that enveloped London in the 1950s. Domestic cooking stoves and fireplaces were banned from burning coal or wood. Problem solved. Motor vehicle exhaust pollution now, is vastly decreased compared with 30 or so years ago. Electric-powered vehicles are improving all the time… for short distances (200km or less).

Do the 5000 protesting, naïve, adolescent snowflake students have any understanding of, just how amazingly, science and technology has improved our living standards over the last 150 years? Obviously, very little.

Please don’t tell me that ‘two innocent young schoolgirls’ decided just the other day to organise a ‘Strike for Climate Change’ on the spur of a moment… as the Fake News Media would have us believe! No sir, this has taken months of ‘adult’ planning… and the 2 girls, I suspect, are merely scapegoats.

I lay the the blame squarely at the odorous feet of ‘social-justice warriors’ camouflaged as NSW Dept of Education schoolteachers, sponsored by ‘Getup’, who obey orders from their NWO Headquarters in Sorosland.

NSW Public Education is a vast, fetid swamp, in need of urgent draining!

Saltbush Bill” … a truth-in-education seeker.

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One thought on “Students Strike for Climate-Change”

  1. I found myself caught in the emotion of being enraged when the school children’s action on climate protest occurred and it wasn’t for what can be seen on the surface. Brendan O’Neill’s article in the Dec 8th The Australian, ‘There’s something revolting about young eco-truants’, points to something much more insidious going on, but I believe it covers only half of it.
    I am not angry at truant school kids, rather sorry about silliness of it all and how they will be poorly used in the future.
    For the adults, parents & teacher involved I regard with mild contempt, especially for those claiming this is developing critical thinking in their charges. Come on give me a break, this is a conformist viewpoint ¬”promoted with religious-like zeal”.
    My anger is directed to those complicit in how this event will be continued to be moulded into the future. This has the potential of an annual event; of the building of some powerful myths; of maintaining enough control into the future to influence politics. Already yesterday participants in a protest said they were “inspired by the children.”
    Many other commentators have pointed out the base virtue signalling; of how this generation are the beneficiaries of historically high standard of living & extravagant consumerism. Very few of those attending these protests will give that up.
    But the control freaks in the very large radical environmental organisations don’t want them to give all of this away. Having through the euphoria of this ceremony of inducting impressionable minds into their belief system they want a population just that guilty enough to pay indulgences (donations) to the environment movement which collectively amounts to many millions. They want a population comfortable & distracted enough that it doesn’t ask too may hard questions and doesn’t go see for themselves the relationship between fauna & flora and productive business. And not too far in the future these school kids wagging school can vote and will do so to “protect the environment”, giving themselves that inner warm glow.
    I am angry that the current injustices perpetrated against farming & commercial fishing family businesses will continued unabated. That because of the power of such a voting block politicians have to been seen to be doing something about the environment and they will subject those with the least voting power in the regions to further takings without compensation.

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