The School Kids’ Strike

Children used as Pawns by Global Warming Activists

by Andrew Chapman

Many people are genuinely interested in the natural environment. Unfortunately the nature conservation movement has been invaded by people wanting to capture this interest to push an agenda that has nothing to do with the appreciation of natural history or conservation of wildlife.

The following letter from the Nature Conservation Council of NSW is a perfect example showing the lengths these people have gone to. In this instance it was met with a response by experienced amateur natural historian Andrew Chapman.


I’ve just witnessed something truly incredible. More than 5,000 kids from across NSW converged on Martin Place as part of a national school strike for climate action. Tens of thousands more are striking in cities and regional areas across Australia. I joined them in support in Sydney and to hear what they had to say.

Kids as young as 11 spoke at the rally and they were articulate and inspiring. And they were angry. These kids will face the full force of dangerous climate change and they are outraged that our politicians aren’t doing enough to stop it. This week we’ve seen unprecedented weather conditions across the nation – from dust storms and floods to bushfires and snowfalls. It is no wonder younger generations are scared of what the future holds.

When school kids have to go on strike to demand climate action, it is a clear sign our political leaders are failing us all. Australia is not doing our fair share to reduce carbon emissions, and here in NSW we don’t even have a renewable energy target.

So let’s speak up in solidarity with these incredible students and demand action.

While the kids are out on the streets fighting for their future, one thing we can do right now to support them is to contact our politicians.

Stand with the kids and call on NSW’s Premier and Opposition Leader to get on with a plan to repower NSW with clean energy.

What was our Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s response this week to the school strike? An out-of-touch rant in parliament where he told kids to stay in school and be less activist, not to protest things that can be dealt with outside of school.

As 15-year-old student Veronica said: “If he and our politicians listened to the climate science we have been taught, and took action like those of us in school, we wouldn’t have to resort to strike action.”

I’m so inspired and proud of these students and what they’ve achieved this week. Their protests and eloquent media interviews have made global headlines. The strike was a hot topic in parliament in Canberra and had many politicians including the PM talking. After the rally they packed out NSW parliament and wouldn’t let our leaders off the hook for not acting on climate change. And this is just the beginning for their movement.

Huge congratulations and a big thankyou to all the kids who got involved.

Here’s what the incredible scene looked like in Sydney today (Photo by AYCC):

With hope,
Daisy Barham
Campaigns Director
Nature Conservation Council of NSW

A reply by Andrew Chapman:

Dear Daisy,

I have just read your email about the school strike.

Before I go on to comment on your letter I would like to point out that I’m involved in the conservation of Australian wildlife and have been for many years. My wife is also a wildlife conservationist and a recognised wildlife artist. Our children, now adults with their own children, were raised to appreciate wildlife and are now passing on their knowledge to their children. I have been a member of many wildlife and conservation groups such as the Australian Plants Society, RAOU, Bird Observers Club and was a founding member of the South Gippsland Conservation Society and Natural Environment Incorporated. I served on the Conservation Council of Victoria for many years and was their representative on the Victorian Government’s Conservation Advisory Committee.

Returning to your letter commending primarily the school children’s strike on a subject they could not conceivably have any scientific understanding of. You are purportedly commenting on behalf of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW and so I was disappointed to see that you were using nature conservation as a platform to push a socialist agenda that embraces unionist-like behaviour.

I have considerable knowledge about weather events and the frequency at which they might occur and have provided expert evidence for law firms, insurance companies, industry and commerce throughout Australia with some specialist appointments to advise on projects in South East Asia. Based on my expertise and my review of the analysis done by other practising scientists, the claims of an impending dangerous climate change are not supported by empirical evidence.

When you refer to carbon emissions do you really mean carbon dioxide emissions? As you would well know we are all carbon life forms and for most part the building blocks of our existence, plant life, are based on the presence of CO2 in the atmosphere. Increases in atmospheric CO2 can and do increase plant production, including food crops. The climate in Australia varies regularly and sometimes dramatically which has been the case since the first European settlers arrived and this has been well documented.

As for a renewable energy target. Renewable energy projects have been operating for long enough for anyone to understand the consequences.

Firstly, the inherent intermittency of wind and solar requires that fossil fuel power plants must be on standby and these standby plants continue to generate CO2 emissions.

Secondly, the encapsulated CO2 in the manufacture and construction of wind turbines in particular is so large that it is very unlikely that the intermittent output of the turbines will ever offset that amount.

Thirdly, solar electricity generators produce power only under good conditions during the daytime. I always wonder how the panels work on roofs when they have clearly been installed to face east, west and sometimes south.

The only reason renewable energy projects exist is because the industries involved get large subsidies from the government and consumers. They serve no purpose in a modern society and if CO2 emissions were a real concern the environmental movement would be embracing nuclear power.

Finally, the adverse environmental impacts of wind farms seem to have escaped you so I will fill you in on what’s happening.

The wind farms near where I live have been killing birds and in particular wedge-tailed eagles ever since they were constructed. The wind farm owner’s own surveys showed that the Bald Hills project killed seven wedge-tailed eagles over the two month period it carried out a mortality survey. The survey was only over a percentage of the turbines and not the whole wind farm. This is not an unusual level of killing. A search of the internet will reveal to you how many birds and bats are being killed at wind farms around the world.

As far as solar installations go you would be aware of the materials used in the manufacture of the panels and that they are hardly environmentally friendly. If you would like to understand the impact on wildlife of large scale solar installations you will find plenty of information on the internet about them frying many thousands of birds as they pass between the reflectors and the central collector.

As for the batteries needed to try and make the intermittent systems work they provide limited capacity and use toxic rear earth materials.

People in my region who live near wind turbines (and some of them supported the projects), are suffering from the low frequency noise emitted by the turbines. I know these people very well because they are the same farmers that helped me set up wildlife reserves that are now being degraded by the presence of wind turbines.

Climate change has and always will be with us and the nonsense about human induced global warming just diverts attention away from real conservation matters. Billions of dollars are being wasted on the global warming and renewable energy scams. By comparison a very small amount could assist the conservation many threatened and endangered species.

I will continue to do what I can to improve the protection of Australian wildlife and would like you to focus on wildlife conservation and not peddle a radical socialist agenda to children, under the guise of nature conservation.

Andrew Chapman
Amateur Naturalist

Wedge-tailed Eagle maimed by the Starfish Hill SA wind turbine blades. This bird was so badly injured it needed to be euthanatised. Photo by Ammun Luca

Annually hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of birds and bats are killed worldwide by wind turbines. The Institute for Energy Research in USA provides an insight at:; there are of course many other sources of information.

How would children react if they were told the truth which included the ongoing carnage at wind farms and large scale solar plants?

One thought on “The School Kids’ Strike”

  1. Thank you so much for presenting facts not fiction to our ongoing dilemma.

    The never ending mantra about ‘Global Warming’ ( now called ‘Climate Change, the CO2 swindle, etc. )which is used by the globalist/socialist/communists ( thanks to their well financed ‘Think -Tanks’) and has been indoctrinating children, teenagers, young adults around the globe including those who have stopped using their own brain to think is causing enough nausea and unnecessary turbulence with more and more ugly outcomes.

    Our news agencies are owned and controlled by those who foster the hidden agenda. Just follow the money trail. It will take an international clean up crew of honest, clear thinking, strong people from all walks of profession including laymen and women who have done their homework to undo the lies and deception under which this world has and still is ailing. We need People who can’t be bought for any money and who will stay their course.

    I have been a volunteer for insured wild life rescue throughout many US states since 1992 and have witnessed and experienced enough to know better. People in general have been so brainwashed it hurts to watch it on a daily. The lights are on but nobody is home. What will it take to make people become responsible human beings again? Maybe the next incoming EMP from our sun? Since we’re presently reaching the ending circle of our solar minimum and approaching the next solar maximum I wouldn’t be surprised of such an impact.

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