No More UN Surrender to UN in Poland Next Month

The UN Climate Alarmists plan to meet in Poland in December 2018.

COP24 – the 24th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

URGENT: Please contact your local federal politicians to insist that:

Australia must not agree to any new proposals for:

  • world carbon taxes,
  • carbon targets,
  • more wars on coal or
  • more UN interference in Australia’s business.

Here is a well-produced video clip, made for Canada, but totally relevant for Australia:

COP24 – Global Carbon Tax Law? Consequences for Canada and Democracy 

6 thoughts on “No More UN Surrender to UN in Poland Next Month”

  1. What I find interesting is the waffle coming from the renewable energy sector, as opposed to any major coherent, detailed plan as to how you would actually power Australian with only renewable energy. If you think it’s possible, think it’s doable, think it will actually work, well how? What would it take from an engineering perspective, how many wind turbines, how many solar plants, where would you build them, what other technologies are required to support such a system. How much would it cost, what would be the costs of power under such a system. Will it supply base load power to industry 24/7/365 days a year, I personally have never seen any such detailed plan. Those who believe that renewable energy is the wayh forward, well you need to be heard, Time is running out, put forward a detailed plan, warts and all, costs, the how, or drift off into oblivion never to be heard of again…

  2. It would be a good idea if this website had a facility for interested people to join the Saltbush Club. And it would be even better if members were able to contribute ideas on developing a clear strategy on communicating this side of the debate to counter the current public narrative.
    The problem is that the public are largely uninformed. Recently I had dinner with six university educated people including three who worked within the mining industry, one of which was a geologist. None of them were aware that the world, lead by China and India were constructing coal fired power facilities today! None of them appear to have read much at all on climate change.
    Two widely known media commentators – Alan Kohler and Bernard Salt – are writing articles that state they accept whatever the IPCC say! Both of these commentators have built their reputation on the research and analysis of historical data yet both clearly have not analysed past IPCC projections nor done something even more basic – like analysing Al Gore’s error strewn essay of lies in “An Inconvenient Truth”. Kohler publicly declares he is ‘hopeless’ with future projections, yet blindly believes whatever the IPCC claim!
    Until this ignorance is challenged, I fear it is a losing battle.
    An information strategy is vital.

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