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“We have been listening to scare-mongers and panicky children for too long – it’s time to listen to sensible people and grown-ups.”
November 2018

The Saltbush Club is an unplanned venture. Tapping a deep vein of public concern about the Paris climate agreement, it just grew. In about a month, with zero corporate or government support, a few lone individuals have attracted an imposing line-up of sensible people who are well informed on all aspects of the climate debate, and on the growing energy, water and infrastructure problems facing Australia. Many are only prepared to publicise their concern since they have been freed from corporate, academic or government restraints. They are now expressing long-held but often-suppressed opinions.

A much larger group of “Silent Members” have indicated support, but do not want their names made public because they fear that exposure would harm their prospects for employment, promotion or business. They will help, but silently.

All Saltbush members are concerned that climate-alarm policies promoted by most politicians are not based on sound science, and are already causing great damage to Australian industry, jobs and consumers.

Members include people with formal qualifications and experience in geology, physics, chemistry, meteorology, astronomy, climatology, spectroscopy, electromagnetic radiation, geophysics, geochemistry, land forms, sea levels, vulcanology, palynology, engineering, metallurgy, law, medicine, veterinary science, pharmacy, pathology, sociology, classics, economics, accounting, ecology, soil science, environmental science, carbon accounting, pollution control, mathematics, statistics, electronics, communications, computer science, modelling and forecasting. No longer can it be claimed that there is “no debate among scientists”.

Other members have been educated in the “University of Life” becoming tradesmen, business owners, farmers, orchardists, experts in pasture management and animal genetics, coping with the cycles of floods and droughts, and learning the importance of secure property rights. They have applied common sense reality to the debate.

Saltbush members include knights, Senators, MP’s, and those with such experiences as State Premier, cabinet ministers, mayors, company directors, corporate executives, international negotiators and senior state and federal public servants. We have ex-Army, Navy and Air Force officers, ex-CSIRO scientists, QC’s, barristers, solicitors, journalists, JP’s, bank managers, lay preachers, jackeroos, a bush nurse, charity workers, lecturers, professors, builders, developers, fitter-and-turners, boiler-makers, power station operators, explorers, inventors, entrepreneurs, mine managers, investment bankers, insurance specialists, defence analysts, poultry farmers, cattle and sheep breeders, educators, irrigators, fire fighters, sailors, pilots, philosophers, historians, bloggers, journalists, cartoonists and one wood sculptor. The rising tide of concern runs broad and deep.

Other members are experts in weather forecasting, cycles analysis, climate modelling, climate history, carbon accounting, computer modelling, electricity generation, electricity markets, clean coal technology, batteries, radiation, thermodynamics, atmospheric physics, astronomy, nuclear physics, turtle and reef restoration, oil spills, soil and water conservation, marine science, desalination, paleo-climates, stratigraphy, ice core analysis, volcanoes, the Great Barrier Reef, Antarctic exploration, statistics and industrial development. We have share analysts, stock brokers, landscape guardians, property rights defenders, environmentalists, tree lovers and wind farm developers. Many members have had papers and books published on climate science and related topics.

Our members have been honoured with OBE’s, Walkley awards, Churchill Fellowships, Rhodes Scholarships, Orders of Australia and Freedom awards, and have held high office in the public service, corporations, universities, Treasury, World Bank and IMF.

Despite this diversity in education, occupation and skills, members of the Saltbush Club are united in one thing – a deep concern that both sides of politics are supporting climate/energy policies that will provide no benefits for the environment but huge costs to consumers and employment prospects by damaging Australian industry with crippling power costs. NOT ONE of them has seen proof that man’s emissions of carbon dioxide can control global climate or will cause dangerous global warming.

They understand that the war on hydro-carbon fuels and grazing animals in Australia is not based on sound science, but is part of a broad international agenda designed to strengthen UN agencies, centralise decision making and weaken property rights with international rules and taxes.

They aim to change the climate of public opinion, thus changing the political agenda.

There is no consensus – it is time for a debate.

On behalf of the founders:

Jerry Ellis Chairman
Hugh Morgan
Jo Nova Media Director
Ian Plimer
Viv Forbes Executive Director

See a list of founding members here:

Here is a short selection of their skills:

A statement of Saltbush priorities here:

113 thoughts on “Introducing the Saltbush Club”

  1. Congratulations on this excellent move. For far too long our government and politicians have been captive to the UNFCCC and its offshoots.
    Few events have been more destructive for Western economies over the last twenty five years than consequences of government policies intended to impact the climate. The 1992 politically driven UNFCCC obliged signatory governments to institute such policies. The discarding of its latest political incarnation, the Paris Accord, is overdue.

    A whole generation has been born since the advent of the UNFCCC in 1992. That generation and much of the previous one, including many present and future politicians, academics, journalists and others were exposed to primary, secondary and tertiary education systems widely influenced by global warming alarmism and an unwillingness to comprehend it’s deficiencies.

    Independent questioning of this national policy has always been discouraged. Attempts by distinguished independent international and Australian climate scientists over the past decade to inform the government why the IPCC modelling is an unsound basis for policy seem to have been met with a ‘thanks but no thanks’ response. We are now seeing the consequences.
    Keep up the good work.
    Jim Brooks PhD (geophysics); BSc; Retired Trade Department senior policy minerals trade bureaucrat and adviser to former cabinet ministers (Coalition and Labor); Senior Trade Commissioner to Canada 1983-84; Former Board member Lavoisier Group. Age:89

    1. It is so good that at last somebody is trying to wake up the people to the scam all this climate change rubbish we are being fed is.
      Nobody surely would disagree that we need to keep our act as clean as possible but not for the crazy reasons of the climate change fanatics; and we must get out of the ridiculous Paris accord rubbish so that maybe we can keep this country healthy and maintain the lifestyle we used to have because of our resources (now being used by others to our disadvantage).
      The earth goes through climate cycles and we are in another one ! That’s mother nature !

  2. I am very pleased to see what this group of important Australians are doing. I have followed this topic for a long while and are against the UNIPCC and what they stand for.
    I wish you well in your endeavours.
    Tony Hamilton
    Canning Vale WA

    1. I also would like to sign up. I have known Viv Forbes (not personally but through a long time of sharing similar views) . Also been a big fan of Jo Nova.
      I have been an IPA member for many years.
      I regularly comment in The Australian and The NT News.
      I would also like to join the Saltbush Club.

      1. At last the is some sanity being brought into the dilemma of b—S & lies – now its a matter of selling the truth to our dimwit politicians

    2. about time there appears to be some common sense & a reality check may be you can form a political party how do I join up

    3. I & my husband also want to join up & also vote to get out of the Paris agreement, this is so very important for the sake of our beautiful country & our Children,Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren’s future . Australia has to be the best country in the world again like we remember .People power is the only way to do it !!

    4. I am pleased to see the broad scope of people who are interested in this subject and it is about time that a group with some real heavy weights started making their presence felt. I would like to join.

  3. Thank you all for stepping up.
    We the people have been played and lied too for far to long.
    How do I donate to this group.

    As Tony Abbott won by a land slide based on this very issue, you would have my vote if you took it further.

    1. Exactly and Tony should never have been stabbed. We all can see the colours of the bloke who done it and definitely was no surprise to me. Great to see this organisation starting up I sure do wish you all the best, it gives us all great relief to see a reputable group of people fighting back. Kevin Pendlebury Melbourne Victoria.

  4. Wonderful at last to see a group that will tackle the stupidity of Government and politicians in the nonsense and unfoundered science of climate change/global warming or whatever.

  5. At last what appears to be a concerted and concentrated effort to stop this foolishness. I have been following this global warming discussion for several decades now and as a now retired electrical engineer initially amused that people could be so gullible and now with great concern I wish this club every success. Peter Langford

  6. Harvard’s Earth Shield CAN REPEL space threats & lead to AVERTING the RISING BLACKOUTS (as last years’ in 15 US cities) & all nuclear plants’ explosion by the next solar superstorm, as we thankfully escaped in July 2012* * –
    9 MONTHS BLACKOUT!!!… THANKFULLY their nuclear plant was decommissioned in 1970. Even US STATE channel PBS ALERTS
    Simulated laser plasma shield: Princeton, RochesterΝΥ, Michigan, New Hampshire .
    30 super lasers ALREADY EXIST!

  7. Thank you to the Saltbush Club and Viv. It’s good to know people like Dennis and I have somewhere to go to help fight the Big Lie of Climate Change.

    2009 was the year for me – Turnbull, ETS, Climategate, Copenhagen, Lord Monckton and Jo Nova whose writings turned me from climate ignoramus to a fierce climate skeptic. So much so, I rudely wrote about it in my 2009 Christmas letter. This is how the bit on AGW went (too cheeky I now know but I was angry.)

    “I realize politics and religion are no-no subjects so I will talk about them. I could write reams – so I will. Being paid-up Liberal branch members, it’s no surprise Den and I dislike Kevin Rudd. So you can imagine how pleased we are with this last fortnight in Federal parliament – no ETS and no Turnbull. Tony Abbott is everything Rudd isn’t. Enough said.

    Yes, Malcolm was in bed with Kevin and their offspring was the ETS… AND THE LIBERAL RANK AND FILE DID NOT LIKE IT! In other words, we had no one to vote for. We sent hundreds of emails to the Liberal senators – if they voted for the ETS fraud we would not vote for them.

    The religion of AGW (manmade global warming) preaching its PR campaign of “give us all your money and we’ll save you from the weather” is pretty clever. It’s ETS. It’s universal. It’s Al Gore’s bank account.

    I do object though to scaring the kiddies with all this nonsense of the seas rising metres; the polar bears dying; the tsunamis, cyclones multiplying; the Carbon Monster in the Sky coming to get you. Did you see the child abuse video with which the Danes opened the Copenhagen Masquerade?

    At last to save us from this conspiracy, on 19 November last, an internal whistleblower at the University of East Anglia/Hadley Centre Climate Research Unit leaked its ‘elite’ warmist scientists’ criminal emails and doctored scientific codes onto the internet. “Climategate” was born with millions of hits to date. However, most mainstream media tried to censor it.

    This is how The Australian explains it… “We now have grounds for thinking that leading researchers tweaked results to fit their ideological preconceptions, rigged peer-review processes and were prepared to destroy data rather than submit it to freedom-of-information processes.”

    And this group of ‘elite’ scientists are the chosen few who guide the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which, in turn, convinces the world leaders to act on “Climate Warming”. The deceit here is – climate has warming and cooling periods naturally – it is now in a cooling period. The ‘elite’ clique “hid the decline” and “adjusted” the temperatures UPWARDS.

    So off to the Copenhagen Gravy Train Talkfest this week to sign the Copenhagen Treaty draft-of-a-draft-of-a-draft-of-a-draft to change the world dynamics from nations running their own affairs to a new world government running their affairs by courtesy of the Emissions Trading Scheme/Carbon Pollution Reduction Tax – sorry – Scheme. (Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant by the way – it’s the staff of life.) The schemers never add “dioxide” – best to call it dirty black “carbon”.

    Developed countries will sign over billions of dollars to developing countries as appeasement for all the “carbon” they have so far polluted the climate with. Can you imagine where this money will end up – not with the little people!

    There’ll be Arthur Daleys galore at Copenhagen rubbing their hands together saying “this could be a nice little earner”.

    Talk about the GFC – the AGW’s ETS is a licence to fleece, cheat and rob for nil effect on the weather. Let’s spend our money on real problems with better outcomes here on Earth – alleviate poverty, clean water, clean air, supply of safe cheap electricity, cut pollution, reforestation, etc, etc, etc.

    Dennis thinks I should not go on about politics especially in the Christmas letter but I can’t help it. I apologize to family and friends who hold differing views.”

    So 10 years have passed and we haven’t stopped the fraud. Only now the lies are everywhere councils, corporations, media, politicians, academics, educationalists, etc. All devotees to the global warming munee making machine. If the Coalition sticks with Paris and shows no spine, for whom do we vote? The only shining light is President Trump but he is fighting the world on many fronts, not only the Big Lie of Climate Change. I hope he stays safe.

    It’s late. Den and I would like to donate a small amount when we can. I am too tired to look how to at the moment. If you can give us your address we will send you a cheque. Thank you to everyone at the Saltbush Club.
    Sincere regards
    Faye and Dennis Busch

    1. Well done! Do you still have any family and friends? I tried that once over a Christmas BBQ and was, very forcibly told, “we don’t want to discuss it!!” Facts must not be used to win arguments against closed minds.

      1. The earth loses energy via electromagnetic energy emissions (infrared being one). CO2 can only absorb and release certain wavelengths (basic spectrometry, to do with the energy level that the electrons in the molecule are sitting at). I still do not know what percentage of the relevant wavelengths are already affected by and bounced around by the existing carbon dioxide?
        Anyway all that aside, Paris would be a disaster for Australia. We are unique in that we have little hydro, no geothermal and no nuclear industry (we should have but that is another issue). We are an exporter of agricultural product (apparently livestock release methane, something I suspect even dinosaurs did in the distant past) and our mining industry requires a large energy input. Australia even needs controlled burn offs to reduce the fuel load so we don’t have dangerous bushfires.
        How do I join up ?

  8. In about 2002 Centennial Coal started buying land around Wybong in the Upper Hunter Valley to build the current Mangoola mine. I was one of those who opposed it and at the time was quite convinced by “scientists” that more CO2 was dangerous. I began reading. By 2006 I was not only not opposed to the mine but quite willing to sell them our farm which we did.
    The more I read the more I realised that the “scientists” were simply stooges for the UN IPCC. I was surprised and dismayed at the willingness of politicians to accept the rubbish sprouted by the likes of Karoly, Flannery and Steffen and their disdain for real scientists including Bob Carter and Ian Plimer. I began blogging with WUWT and Jo Nova learning as I went.
    I was encouraged when Copenhagen fell flat and Turnbull was replaced by Abbott. With the revelations contained in the Climategate emails I felt sure common sense would prevail and this whole fraud exposed. But no, the idiocy continued and even became worse as the Carbon tax was introduced. Abbotts repeal was a forward step soon cruelled by the RET and Turnbulls return.
    The only thing left is to let the Australian public suffer the consequences of higher electricity prices and blackouts. Even then I am not sure they will revolt. Weatherall only just lost and Andrews looks like winning after shutting down Hazelwood. Labor is on track to win in NSW so Liddell will close.
    I get particularly irate when politicians including Freydenberg and Taylor assure us that we will have enough power over the summer. I recently went back to Denman and where once there would be hundreds of sprinklers watering lucerne and other crops there were extremely few. There was water available but the cost of irrigating is prohibitive. My last electricity bill for our irrigation at Mangoola in January 2007 was 5.9c/kWh with a daily access charge of 1c/day and I am positive Country Energy were not going broke. I have just received my quarterly bill here in Wingham and am being charged 28.6c/kWh and an access of 143c/day. Much of that ridiculous increase in cost can be laid directly at the feet of dumb politicians and fraudulent scientists more interested in grants than truth.
    It is heartening to see a group such as the Saltbush Club being formed and then getting active. I have written numerous letters to politicians loaded with facts about sea level rise or the benefits of increased CO2 sometimes being ignored but at best receiving a copy of their latest policy to combat climate change. I would like to join your group and add my small voice so that we may be heard. It is obvious that few others will fight for the truth.

    Lawrie Ayres
    294 Mooral Creek Road , Wingham,NSW,2429.

  9. I heard Jerry speaking with Alan Jones on 2gb this morning & I am now feeling positive that this scam might just be exposed for what it is! A hoax! Maybe now we can finally have some kind of debate between the believers & the non believers (not sure if that is the correct terminology.) If we can get that on the table it will be a positive first step to have people start to question what Paris & the UN is really about. Join me up!!

  10. It is wonderful to hear common sense from so many educated people of Australia.
    We need the government to get behind the groups aims including exiting the Paris agreement immediately.

    We need the tax payers money proposed by the Australian Labor party for renewable energy infrastructure to be spent on water proofing the regional areas of Australia.
    Plus new reliable coal or gas powered plants to be built urgently.

  11. I heard Jerry speaking with Alan Jones on 2gb this morning & I am now feeling positive that this climate change scam might just be exposed for what it is! A hoax! Australian people in large numbers need to start questioning what Paris & the UN is really about & the current/potential damage to our economy & lifestyle.

  12. I am delighted to see what appears to be a credible answer to the loud & ignorant groups spouting their useless rubbish about “carbon pollution” & “climate catastrophe”. I believe I have useful things to say on this topic.

  13. Thank Heavens there is a groundswell of change against the Global warming, and sustainability rubbish.
    How stupid is it that a group of humans claiming the high moral ground, can claim to be saving the world! It’s a wonder they are not claiming to save the whole universe as well!
    What distorted and puffed up egos these people have.
    And the worst thing, is that they don’t care about the massive human suffering they cause along the way with their policies.

  14. Please get your social media up to speed with Facebook and instagram so we can share this info far and wide.
    How do we join up?
    How can we get on your mailing lists?
    Can we talk to people in our states/cities etc?
    Are there regular talks, seminars or events we can attend and take people along?

  15. Hello all, congradulations on the new club . Now i want to join , I see no details on how to do this please advise

  16. Could you please post a link so we can join.

    We need more members!!!

    Hope you post the link very soon, as that is the most frequent comment in all I have just read.

    many thanks,

    Peter Woodcock

  17. Can I become a member please?
    I also hate being dictated to by a group of people that I did NOT democratically elect.

  18. As a pensioner forced into retirement due to illness, go for it guys, some one has to. I have fitted batteries not because of the planet but I can see where people like me will no longer be able to afford the price of power.
    I was able to use my knowledge of things and set up a decent battery bank to my solar system for a fraction of the cost that they are asking, I didn’t have a nest egg to use but it may have been in vain as the power prices keep rising especially the day service charge.
    Where do I join?

  19. GENTLEMEN, My name is Peter Turner. I have just watched Gerry Ellis being interviewed by Alan Jones.
    They each posed many questions for which they had no answers. This total lack of knowledge I find is common. There are some individual pieces of knowledge but nobody has gathered the various components, ie scientific, political, historical, personnel and the glue that holds all this together.
    15-20 years ago when this farrago started I said BULLSHIT! I have a degree majoring in Physical Chemistry. I knew that weather, and therefore, climate are systems and are Chaotic! The consequence is
    –YOU CANNOT MAKE PREDICTIONS — in such systems. This is why the models produce garbage, eg.
    Treasuries Federal Budget. I am retired but have been collecting much of the above information for over a decade and I can answer – with evidence, many of the questions posed tonight. I would be pleased to meet someone to discus the matters above. I live in St. Ives in Sydney. I look forward to speaking with someone.

  20. I would like to join “The Saltbush Cub” but I can’t find the appropriate sign up page. If this club is of restricted membership, and only open to accredited specialists, please disregard my request.
    Tank you.
    Lawrance Edgerton

  21. I am saddened by the rise of the Australian Socialist Automaton who have been indoctrinated through the contaminated philosophical fallacies of the education system to identify as climate change alarmists amongst other things. Ignorant of scientific debate and evidential reason. Ignorant of the true underlying global socialist agenda to redistribute sovereign first world wealth and open sovereign boarders through the machinations “The Paris Accord” and other political instruments.

    This generation doesn’t understand the implications of permanently sacrificing economic prosperity, individual living standards and wealth inheritance for the sake of popular politics of the day.

    The legacy that they will inherit will not be runaway global warming but rather a progressive shift towards socialism which will lead to anarchy, war and occupation of our once great nation.

    I support the Saltbush Club endeavours and wish to be a part of your cause.

  22. Thank you for standing against the ‘Group Think of Climate Change’. We have been here before with the nonsense of Y2K, and Margaret Mead and Samoa (nature v nurture). Others have won such as Graeme Clark (bionic ear) and Robin Warren & Barry Marshall (H-pylori) against very strong group of knockers. Evidence based science MUST be acknowledged as correct.
    Please join us to the Saltbush Group.

  23. Saw the interview on Jones & Co tonight great idea to get the conversation started.
    How do I become a Member
    Many thanks

  24. thank god you have started a group of sensible people with a commonsense approach to this countries escalating problems, go for nuclear energy power, dont give money to the so good underdeveloped countries, those managers only spend it on themselves. when all manufacturing has left our shores will we wake up and say why has this happened, electricity is the major component of any business, and we should have the cheapest

  25. lts high time the Australian public become educated about this global warming scam and get the true facts out asap before our brainwashed beaurocracy wash our economy down the drain.

  26. At last, a break-through! Our local paper published your letter today Viv Forbes and it has caught many people’s eye and we saw you being interviewed on Skynews too……….It is simply wonderful with all the 3^&$%$$$!![B….S!!…………!! taking place in the political arena at this time to see something so refreshing, simple and honest. It has restored our belief and given us confidence to persevere when dealing with supposedly more knowledgeable people than us who refer to us as ‘ flat earthers. So, we would love to join the Saltbush club please?

  27. For the sake of Australia s prosperity, I hope your venture gets up. I ve been watching this debate since 1998, and now I m getting concerned. I am not a “climate skeptic”, I m an ordinary guy. However, the extent that the climate debate has been turned into a religious debate, is my concern.Climate science is a complex model that no scientist truly understands ( as evidence, BoM cannot forecast weather 7 days out, regardless of how many $millions we throw at them), so the average punter has no chance of understanding the climate debate, and reverts to swallowing the simplest analogy of “the science is done, the globe is warming, it s our fault”.
    Let me give you an interesting exercise.
    Ask someone if they think climate change is real? (whatever real means), and they will tell you they agree with the experts.
    It s easier to agree, than become ridiculed by your peers.
    Then ask if they think the UN, through the IPCC, should be dictating our energy policy, in Australia. Effectively telling us, which businesses should stay, and which ones will shut down. Who s job will be saved, and who will be redundant. How many cattle we run, who can hsve heating in winter, and who can t.
    Just watch how they react to that question. Its interesting to witness the difference in their attitude.
    That s how you change the tide.

  28. This is like a breath of fresh air giving hope to repeal the scaremongering nonsense of the “Climate Change” and “Global Warming” doctrine being preached to our school children.
    I am 67 and very concerned where we are heading on the political front should Labour prevail.
    Please include me on any future publication as I would like to be informed on any positive progress on this topic and a big thanks to Jerry & Co. for getting this club going.
    You have my full support !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Well done in promoting deeper thought on the whole premise of climate change. You have to be concerned when the populist view is to silence and squash debate on something do fundamentally important. Surely the simple fact that the intricate models predicting doomsday outcomes have been so far wrong should be the catalyst for deeper interrogation and investigation by all of our scientists and intellectuals. Obviously this is not to promote a move to inaction, this should be promotion of ensuring the most appropriate action and the best responses without turning the world literally upside down. At present the cure does appear to be worse than the affliction.

  30. A fabulous get together of similar minded people who understand the climate warming scam for what it is, and recognition of how the UN and accompanying globalists are trying to take over the world. I will forward this to as many people as I can.

  31. Good sense from qualified and intelligent people who do not run with the politically correct herd. It is a group that I support and am prepared to be part of.

  32. I suspect that international financiers wish to frighten the world into converting the environment into financial instruments that can be seized if indebted countries are unable to repay the money the financiers pretend to lend them.

    Recall the ‘ozone layer Freon fraud’. The maximum amount of Freon (chlorofluorocarbon) measured in the upper atmosphere is 5 parts per billion – equivalent to 5 cubic millimetres per thousand cubic kilometres – equivalent to nothing. It was a world-wide scam by Freon’s manufacturers using the Montreal conference to prevent competitors manufacturing Freon. This issue demonstrates that such world-wide scams using governmental systems are possible.

  33. I would love to join your club . I am totally disappointed with the conservative parties and this totally
    unproven rubbish on the effects off carbon on the environment . This is just a huge tax on the poor.

  34. I have never believed in humans being responsible for climate change. Its been happening naturally since the beginning of time. The UN is run by the global elite all for the purpose of world domination.

    1. When was the last time you voted on an issue in the UN? When did you vote to elect a representative for the UN? When was the Australia electorate asked whether it wanted to join the UN?

  35. I whole-heartedly agree with the purpose of The Saltbush Club and would like to join. I am a retired Chartered Accountant who worked and practiced in the Profession for >50 years. I grew up on a property in the bush, and learnt many lessons from that experience – especially climate-related ones.

  36. A comment about the Saltbush Club Introduction:

    The word “hydro-carbon” is used towards the end of the Introduction. The usage context indicates that you meant to use the unhyphenated word “hydrocarbon”. There is a significant difference in scientific implication between the two words.


  37. I am a retired analyst programmer who as opposed the climate change religion for many years. Having the expertise I have I can produce the data of the performance for electricity generation on the eastern grid. That is to say I have the data from the beginning of 2014 to the end of 2017 of electricity dispatched with a resolution of five minutes for each generator. I also have the ability to analyse it and produce accessible information for public consumption. Your group is interesting and I may be able to contribute. I can show that wind and solar are ineffectual and not to be relied on. If you are willing I would like to join.

  38. Common sense at last, thank goodness there is still some hope for the thinking people of this world who have seen their values and way of life eroded. We have to stop our children and grandchildren being indoctrinated by our biased education system, they are no longer being taught the truth.

  39. I saw the interview with Alan Jones last night. Totally agree and so happy that people with qualifications have started this group.. How do we sign up?

    1. I also saw Alan Jones last night thank god he informed us about your club, how do we get signed up what a breath of fresh air.

      1. My Father was in the Second World War, he returned to the land as a Dairy farmer and like all Australian dairy farmers he would wounder why he went to war. Please sign me up as a member.

  40. I am a retired pensioner who supports your cause. Please sign me up as an active member if I can be of any help….


  41. Thanks Viv for all of your work with Carbon Sense and this logical conclusion now that more people are aware of the huge global warming scam. I would like to join and will offer any assistance where I am able. Brian McRea

  42. I have already joined but wonderful to see such enthusiastic movement!

    A desperately needed group. More power to us.

  43. I am heartened to read about the Saltbush Club and am thankful to know of it’s existence and would like to become a member.

  44. What a relief to see people banding together to bring common sense into the argument. Years ago I knew that when somewhere along the way the term Global Warming got changed to Climate Change that we were being herded along for the ride! Being 66 yrs old I have some experience in weather changes over the years. Coming off a farm and in later years as a nurseryperson, I learnt that the weather could be predicted to a certain degree by the moon phases etc. Droughts and floods and bush fires were a part of our Climate with no more frequency or decline now than before Federation. Remember Dorothy MacKellar’s famous poem ” … I love a Sunburnt Country” bet that isn’t taught at schools nowadays.
    The more I read (I’m not a scholar) it is so obvious that this so called settled science is a scam. Reading articles on Paleoclimatology totally debunks the dribble offered up by IPCC that is only a few decades in study/modelling. Follow the money.. I would like to know who in politics has invested interest (money that is) in renewables? Ie we now know that the Turnbulls and John Hewson have invested in renewables. Who else? I am still waiting for some form of public discussion about Climate Change

    I too would like to join up, let’s get Australia involved from grassroots up.

  45. The movement has started. Count me in. I, liked many others, am sick and tired of the misinformation and brainwashing of our children by ideological Left Wing teachers and academics who are themselves, it readily appears, brainwashed by ignorance and cannot accept the established factual science.
    We are, at the present time, saddled with two Labor Parties in this country; one scared witless to confront the realisation that ideological garbage is dragging the ordinary John and Jane Doe Australian citizen into the mire of deceit and economic malaise and the other bleeding the situation for all it is worth simply to gain office regardless of the consequences for us all.
    Politically a really pathetic attitude by both major parties !!

  46. Happy to join the group as I believe man made climate change is a scam developed to take away wealth from hard working people and reward those who don’t want to work but spend their time protesting over nothing

    1. Great news to see so many like minded people prepared to stand united to call out the greatest scam Australia has faced,which if left to progress will see the Australia we know today brought to it’s knees.

  47. Hi, I totally agree with the views of the saltbush, I own a small business & am slowly going broke due to high energy & fuel costs.I am close to closing down & putting of my staff. I think the pollies have lost the plot & the ability to understand the needs of the country & average Australians.

  48. Great so see someone challenging the political man made global warming agenda. It disturbs me that our kids are being taught that it is fact when the science no where near settled.

  49. Totally agree and very thankful to the people who are standing up against all the lies we have been fed (fake news). We need to stand together for the sake of our country and our future generations.
    We wish to stand with you.

  50. 300 members is a start – despite, I fear, a little late. I am only 1 – target 3 million plus! Surely there are that many Australians with common sense and some knowledge of our World’s history who, sadly, are too detached or too frightened to become involved and voice their honest opinion on this desperately critical issue. We urgently need brave increasing numbers willing to raise their voices LOUDLY.

    “We” means I would like to become a member.

  51. I am retired I lived and worked in western NSW for decades I saw worse droughts than we see currently . when I lived in Bourke I experienced 50 deg plus temperature out west we have not been on earth long enough to even consider this climate change BS come on Aussie come on let’s get out of the Paris agreement.

  52. I suggest everyone visit which reveals the origins of the debt-for-nature agenda. This site includes banker Malcolm Turnbull’s friends. Most people want to save the environment without selling it. It will cost much more to buy it back when you desperately need it.

    About twenty years ago I was watching television with some friends and saw Disney’s cartoon about Henny Penny – “The sky is falling!!!!!”. After the fox had eaten all of the chickens their seven year old daughter said “Don’t believe everything you believe in the newspapers folks!” before the cartoon fox uttered those words. She had seen the cartoon before, when she was three years old, and remembered the moral of the story.

    Professional people have a duty to be sceptical. Don’t let anyone ‘dumm’ you down.

    1. One of the people who attended the 4th World Wilderness Conference was Robert Mueller, currently engaged in investigating Donald Trump. He was a major person in the UN. We can find him within   ‘One World Government Quotes By World Leaders’ at:, urging the quick introduction of a world government.

      Likewise, another attendee, David Rockefeller is quoted thanking major newspapers for not revealing his plans for the world government.

      I don’t know yet whether Al Gore was there but he is quoted stating that a Climate bill would bring about global governance.

  53. Thank you for creating the Saltbush club, where the level-headed ordinary Australians might finally have their voices heard.

    I have attached a copy of an email I sent in August, to my local M.P. Susan Templeman ,(a listed member of the Fabian society), and other M.P.s. I think it is relevant to the objectives of the Salt bush club.

    17th August 2018
    Susan Templeman M.P
    Member for Macquarie.

    Dear Ms Templeman,
    Congratulations to you and your Fabian comrades on achieving the objective which former prime minister Bob Hawke proposed at the Fabian society’s centenary dinner in Melbourne on the 18th May 1984. Comrade Hawke stated:-

    “…..For our reforms to endure, the whole mood and mind and attitude of the Nation must be permanently changed…… The task of establishing in the mood and mind of this Nation the permanent acceptance of the naturalness and inevitability of change and reform as the “authentic” Australian way of life, for the first time in our history, is what this Labor government is attempting.”

    This objective has been achieved thanks to the Fabian comrades who have, in keeping with the U.N. 1992 Rio de Janiero Earth Summit’s green “Agenda 21”, gone forth and infiltrated every level of human activity. The comrades have infiltrated every Political party, Government and its Bureaucracies from local council to Federal government; The Media; Education, from elementary to Tertiary; Churches, religions and Community service and social organizations; Sports clubs and the Performing Arts etc.

    At the 1979 Boyer Lectures, Bob Hawke emphasised in his “Resolution of Conflict” lecture, the importance of adhering to the Fabian concept of, “…. the inevitable gradualness of our scheme of change”….:-

    “The need for those who would advocate change to temper their fervour with a sense of gradualism…” (In other words, withhold action on rapid social change until you have created the right climate for change.)

    The Fabian objective of gradually setting the mood, mind set and attitude for change in our Nation has inevitably been achieved.
    The stage is now set, and we are on the precipice. In fact, hard hitting action has already taken place, and as comrade Hawke continued in his addresss at the 1984 Fabian centenary dinner:-

    “…For the right moment you must wait as Fabius did, most patiently, when warring against Hannibal, though many censured his delays, but when the time comes you must strike hard, as Fabius did, or your waiting will be in vain and fruitless…”

    Having successfully changed the mood, mind set and attitude of the Australian people, most markedly in the last decade, action is now beginning to take place, on the march to global Marxism, and one world U.N. based government. But the western democracies have yet to be brought to their knees to create the right climate for social upheaval. And in keeping with the words of comrade Hawke : “….when the time comes you must strike hard, as Fabius did, or your waiting will be in vain and fruitless…”

    Globalization, is being driven by the Marxist governed U.N. and the Socialist International Organization through the application of their, “Agenda 21”, the program advocated and agreed upon by the 179 signatory Nations and representatives of 2,146 NGO’s at the 1992 U.N. Earth Summit in Rio De Janiero. The prime objective of Agenda 21, is best summarized in the words of Agenda 21’s prime architect, Maurice Strong:-

    “…. Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse?
    Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about? Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, air-conditioning and suburban housing are not sustainable….” Maurice Strong.

    In Australia, the “Greens”, i.e., the revolutionary Marxists, have been hard at work since since the mid 1990s. They have been ably assisted by their more covert Fabian Marxist comrades, who have been strategically placed in positions of influence in all main stream political parties and Government, and have been preparing the mind set and attitudes of Australian society and have begun demolishing this beautiful Country, true to Maurice Strong’s intent for Agenda 21.

    The comrades, both revolutionary and Fabian, have been very busy these past 26 years ,white-anting and undermining our successful western democracy to bring about its collapse. They are achieving their goal by:

    Destroying our manufacturing industries:

    Turning the moral values of our western Christian democracy on its head;

    Implementing the Nazi propaganda tactic of “political correctness” with all its implications, and have made the Nazi propaganda chief,Goebbels look like an amateur: “….tell the lie often enough eventually everyone will accept it as truth..”;

    Through Marxist U.N.’s meddling, have weakened our borders and inundated Australia with migrants who have no regard or appreciation or respect of our history and hate our western democracy, yet are happy to exploit our generosity and attach themselves to the health and social security systems that we, our parents and forebears have paid for and worked to establish;

    Through Marxist academics, who have “dumbed-down” our Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education systems;

    Destroyed our self sufficiency by selling off our land and natural resources to foreign powers on the pretext of global sustainability;

    We no longer have control or access to our own reliable, cheap sources of electricity production, i.e., coal, gas, uranium;

    Sold off our prime agricultural land; And are currently failing to assist our primary producers facing ruin, yet give $444 million to save the Great Barrier Reef, of course a UN endorsed global “green” Marxist objective;

    Cowtowed to the UN and Asian super powers; Ignored the plight of the Timorese and West Papuans in favour of big global government. But wait there’s much, much more… just a few examples!!

    Well I would just like to say thankyou, to all the covert Fabians and Green revolutionary Marxists, and their vegan off-spring who must be exuberant at the current demise of our drought stricken farmers facing ruin.

    On behalf of my children and grand children thank you so much for attempting to destroy their futures, and destroying everything the generations before us have worked to produce.

    Also, I just wanted to thank you personally, before I die or am euthanised by your “Thought Police”in the new world order coming to Australia. God help us all for you lot are leading us down the road to self destruction.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Roger Bowen
    Mount View Avenue,

    1. Greetings.
      Actually Goebbels and his boss were complaining about the ‘big lie’.

      I recall walking past the Sydney Hilton in the early 1990s and seeing Willi Brandt (Pres. of Socialist International), Gough Whitlam (then Vice Pres. of Socialist Intertnational), Bob Hawke and Paul Keating leaving the World Congress of the Socialist Internationale followed by members of Sinn Fein, the ANC, Tamil Tigers and the Khmer Rouge. A week later many of the aforementioned, including Willi Brandt were on Australian TV praising small childrens’ designs for a new Australian flag – this was the beginning of the ‘Flag debate’ and the Republican debate that was ultimately designed to abolish Australia’s links with Britain so that Australia could be dissolved into the Asia-Pacific “after the model of Europe” as Mr Rudd stated on 9 June 2009 to the Rockefellers’ Asia Society in Sydney (reported in the Chinese People’s Daily).

      Note that selling the environment and opening Australia’s borders to Asia are both agenda of leftist organisations supported by billionaires. Listen to any utterance of the Australian Greens. A reasonable person would expect that opening the borders would be detrimental to Australia’s environment but the Greens suspend their belief in order to have the support of the international financiers (including those of the oil industry (mentioned in Federal Parliament) who fund both environmental issues (in order to establish nature-trading of nature-based currencies) and promote illegal immigration (Soros). The carbon tax was to punish polluters who could then be offered ethical clean shares to offset their penalties, at a discount. “You horrible polluter! We are fining you $1,000, but don’t worry. For only $900 you can buy some nice nature-shares to extinguish your fine. ‘Carrot and stick’.

      With the aforementioned method the financiers can seize nature-assets from countries that default on debt and then force polluters to buy nature-shares based on those nature-assets from them with ordinary money.

      The problem is that people who actually want to consume water or trees/minerals on land where these have been traded will need to be able to buy them back at the world’s highest prices. Not Good!

      The current agenda for the financiers is to have a system of valuing the nature-assets, either though environmental methods (a tree is worth so much) or through energy related methods (emissions are worth so much), so that they can establish a pricing system for a world wide market. Do we want people in other countries owning our national parks, marine reserves, water, trees? Do we want to be told that we cannot collect water because it has been sold to people in another country? In some US States it is illegal to harvest rainwater. In a South American country all of the water is owned by a private company.

  54. Great to see that we have people who care about Australia instead of these 🍉 and extreme left walkers

  55. Thank goodness the Saltbush Club has started. Your voice needs to be loud and constant. Please help get us out of this climate nonsense of Paris NOW.

  56. I am a small business owner ( Real Estate ) from Queensland
    I heard about you on The Outsiders How can I become a member?

  57. I am so impressed that the muscle that is the silent majority in Australia has realised that the time is now to face those ‘others’ with the truth and nothing but the truth and be prepared to be a united front with a loud voice and win the battle against their baseless list of lies. I cannot believe that our kids are being told that the world has just ’12 years to fix the disasters that confront the planet or we are all doomed’. I can’t imagine how worried some of these kids must be at the prospect of such a short life and how they must loathe and despise ‘us’ not knowing that we have the science to prove otherwise. I would love to join your mission. My history is self employment learned from the ‘University of I can do that’…

  58. Greetings

    I recall being taught that it was somewhat unethical to use commercial advertising directed at children to subsequently pressure their parents to buy the advertised product.

    I recall that during the republican debate about twenty years ago that schoolchildren that led political protests were linked to an organisation calling itself the Resistance. When television cameras viewed one of their many offices I was surprised to see the rows of shiny computers, adult employees and rented office space that the 15 year-old school kids could somehow afford with their pocket money.

    Regarding the current children’s protests, who is organising the teachers who are organising the students? Any guesses?

  59. The Electric Power Consulting website offers an excellent downloadable 4 page booklet – “Reliable and Affordable Electric Power Generation”.

    Followers of the Saltbush Club would do well to check this booklet out and pass it on to as many friends and contacts as they can.
    Common sense is beginning to come to the fore.

  60. I have kept an eye on the literature on ‘Climate Change’ over the last 20 years and believe the evidence supports the finding of an average increase in mean global near-surface temperature of approximately 1.6 degrees C over the last 100 years. I believe it is anthropogenic and highly correlated with numerical increases in world population (probably via increases in energy production and usage per capita). All of the evidence suggests that CARBON DIOXIDE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE INCREASES IN TEMPERATURE. No organisation has yet done a scientific evaluation of the effects of 20 years or so of the very costly measures being instituted to reduce emissions. WHY? The Cape Grim and Mauna Loa graphs of have not shown a single blip of change in slope from before and after the Kyoto Protocols and the Marakesh Accord. Attempts to control temperatures by reducing carbon dioxide emissions are the equivalent of ’tilting at windmills’, ‘pissing into the wind’, ‘pushing shit up hill with a rake’ or ‘flogging a dead horse’ . The only basic studies I’ve seen on the absorption and radiation properties of ‘heat’ by carbon dioxide are those of Tyndall’s 160 years ago — and he concluded that carbon dioxide (in the form of carbonic acid mist) radiates its stored heat as fast as it absorbs it. Every Physics and Chemistry Department of every University has an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. Why has nobody checked on the basic absorption and radiation properties of infrared radiation by carbon dioxide at various concentrations using modern equipment?

    Correlations between residual world annual populations and annual carbon emissions produce a Pearson coefficient of 0.94 (P<0.00001). It's almost a straight line which suggests that figures for carbon dioxide in mathematical modelling could be replaced with figures for population and we would get the same predictions.

  61. The majority of Australians live in or near poverty. The reason being that Australia is controlled by a few massively wealthy people. For instance the infrastructure required to stop Australia from becoming the “white trash of Asia” is being stopped by huge money. EXAMPLE: Building Port Clinton would bring untold wealth to Australia and Australians BUT… if it were built it would severely disrupt the incomes of a few of the aforementioned wealthy ones. Wind and solar power…. commercial disasters….. subsidized by the poor. The Australian government owns 70% of the Australian landmass and this is why most of Australia is empty. The Victorian Govt. banned the exploration and production of gas creating such a disastrous shortage that major industries folded. The money trail will tell all if you care to investigate.

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