Villian or Hero: CO2 Beats Net Zero – John Robertson

Villian or Hero: CO2 Beats Net Zero: The True Story of CO2, by John Robertson.

The message of this book is that atmospheric CO2 is, on balance, very good for Mankind and for Nature.

We should have more of it. A hero indeed! Young David defeats huge Goliath. Net Zero CO2 by 2050 is, in my opinion, an idiotic aim which will, because it contradicts the real world, collapse long before its due date. Demonizing CO2 is just as mad and even more harmful than the 16 th , 17 th , and 18 th century villainy of hanging, drowning, or burning countless thousands of defenceless old women because they were deemed to be ‘witches’ blamed for bad weather and bad harvests. The consensus of those times (embodied in Acts of Parliament and enforced by the Courts) was that killing witches would reduce extreme weather. The precautionary principle of the day dictated that, although there was no shred of evidence, it was good to kill thousands of ‘witches’, just in case some accusations might be true.

Read the complete document: [PDF, 3 MB]

The Relationship Between Mid-Ocean Spreading Zone Seismic Activity and Global Temperatures Remains Strong Through 2018

By Arthur Viterito, College of Southern Maryland (retired)


In this short communication, the relationship between mid-ocean seismic activity and global temperatures is extended through 2018. As in previous studies, the relationship remains strong and is statistically significant. Regional disparities in mid-ocean seismic activity are emerging and will be monitored going forward. Continue reading “The Relationship Between Mid-Ocean Spreading Zone Seismic Activity and Global Temperatures Remains Strong Through 2018”

Europe’s ‘unprecedented man made floods’

By Paul Driessen

Deadly floods in Germany and Belgium have put climate change back in the news in time for the COP-26 climate gabfest in Glasgow. Not surprisingly, government officials again blamed fossil fuels, greenhouse gases and man made climate change for the calamities, to deflect attention from their official incompetence – as they did with SuperStorm Sandy and recurrent wildfires.

They’re blaming the very fossil fuels that power Europe’s economy; build, heat and electrify homes; and power the boats, ambulances and other equipment that were used to rescue people, recover bodies, and nurse survivors back to health. Continue reading “Europe’s ‘unprecedented man made floods’”


By Dr. John Happs

Climate alarmists have attempted to dismiss the role of volcanism as a major source of global carbon dioxide whilst arguing that anthropogenic carbon dioxide is the main source and key driver of global climate change.

Volcanism, as the possible prime source of global carbon dioxide should be given closer attention since increasing numbers of research papers are highlighting the important contribution that volcanoes make in providing this life-giving gas. Continue reading “VOLCANOES AS CARBON DIOXIDE SOURCES”

Fight-Back for Farmers

An urgent message for all Farmers, ex-Farmers, their Families, their Friends, their Politicians and their Media in all Australian states and in other countries:

Greens have declared war on cattle farmers and graziers and on real meat and milk using their endless global warming lies.

The Saltbush Club wants to see a tidal wave of protest from farmers, families and friends to politicians and the media. We ask everyone who sees this to on-send the Saltbush link widely to at least 10 others, and so on.

The Green/ALP/ABC axis has already used the same discredited climate scare stories to strangle coal miners, explorers and electricity generators in Red-Green Tape. That was easy as most coal miners are concentrated in a few electorates and they have few friends in the leafy green suburbs.

But farmers are different – there are many of them in most electorates and they have friends and family in the cities. (One powerful trade unionist once had a sign on his white-board that said “Don’t Fight Farmers”.)

Sadly no farmer can rely on help, climate truth or good science from industry organisations like the National Farmers Federation or once-trusted media such as the ABC or Fairfax. They all sing in the green climate-alarm choir these days. Even big retailers will happily promote Fake Meat and Fake Milk. If plant-based margarine cannot be labelled as “butter” why is an artificial product manufactured mainly from legumes and additives allowed to use the word “meat”, or a product made from soybeans or oats allowed to be called ‘milk”?

Please send a link to this post to every contact you have, especially farmers and their friends. Send to individuals, media and politicians – send by email, snail mail and post on blogs and every social media.

Viv Forbes
Executive Director
The Saltbush Club

Real Meat is Green – it Eats Grass

By Viv Forbes

The Green Wreckers who destroyed Australia’s cheap reliable electricity are now targeting our cattle industry.

They use fake science and false advertising to threaten our right to produce and consume real meat.

This stupidity relies on a totally false argument that grazing animals cause global warming by releasing carbon dioxide and methane to the atmosphere.

However, grazing animals have already reached “Net Zero”. They add ZERO carbon to the environment – they just help to recycle the same carbon products, endlessly. Continue reading “Real Meat is Green – it Eats Grass”

Will we have an EU Revolt?

Václav Klaus, previous president of the Czech Republic, comments on the European Commission’s ‘climate package’:

This EU climate package is not bold. It is stupid and nonsensical. It is unrealistic, and if it were to be implemented, it would be a completely destructive package. Completely destructive to the lives, freedom and living standards of the people of Europe.

Read more:

Statement by CLINTEL and ICSF on Release of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (AR6)

August 9, 2021
Recognition at last for scientists challenging climate alarmism

Climate scientists from IPCC‐circles have admitted that their new generation of climate models – referred to as CMIP6‐models – are ‘overheated’ and therefore too alarmist. This groundbreaking concession was made the week before the highly‐anticipated release of the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) ‐ the flagship 6‐year product of UN’s climate agency, IPCC.

The concession also raises questions on the reliability of temperature forecasts of IPCC’s previous generation of models (CMIP5), which used the extremely high RCP8.5 emissions scenario. Results were often falsely touted as a business‐as‐usual case and used to promote extreme climate action. Continue reading “Statement by CLINTEL and ICSF on Release of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (AR6)”